NEW SERIES REVEAL! Brass Knuckles & Tattered Wings!

I’m delighted to introduce and reveal the cover(s) for a brand new series: Brass Knuckles and Tattered Wings by Martin Svolgart.

Book one, titled Best Foot Forward, is due for release Summer 2020, with a new ‘episode’ available every month.

Each of the four books in season one is a novella with its own story, all contributing to the underlying story and character development of the season, just like a TV series. Each being released monthly further contributes to that overall TV serial vibe.

I think the plot suits this format perfectly, too! It’s first and foremost an action-packed story but also holds a lot of humour and emotional elements, featuring a new kind of vigilante hero with his heart in the right place. Fans of The Punisher, The Equalizer and Boondock Saints especially will love it.

Svolgart is passionate about conveying the shades of grey in a character – you won’t find black and white cardboard cutouts in his books. No character is inherently good nor evil and he likes to explore what balances pull them toward being one or the other, or what can push them to change, grow, and evolve. 

Of course, like any TV series you need a good trailer to get you excited – so please enjoy a little more info below, and an excerpt from book one, Best Foot Forward. I personally love the premise and am getting that dark DC sort of vibe – I can also picture this sort of story being shot like Sin City. The beauty of these novellas is your own imagination constructs the visuals rather than someone else’s creative vision on TV, while getting all of the action and emotional pulls.

After a freak accident kills his wife and son, Pritchard slips into alcoholism at a blue-collar bar nearby to avoid the dead and empty house.

A teenage girl sometimes comes into the bar to try to get her drunkard dad to come home, but it rarely works. One day, in his intoxicated state, Pritchard accidentally trips over her scooter, and something breaks. He promises the distraught girl to pay for it, but she’s used to being lied to by drunk men. To follow through, he gives her his business card.

A few days later, she calls him out of the blue, afraid, begging for his help. Her dad has run into a card game with bad people, and the debt collectors aren’t stopping with him.

The selfless act of responding to the young girl’s plea upends his world, leaving him only one way out: A walk in life he knows well, but one he left for his wife. A life of crime.

Best foot forward, she’d always said. That was how she urged a man with a spotted past to strive to become a good man.

The only question now is whether going backward can also bring someone forward.

Click here for the Trailer EXCERPT

Martin Svolgart

Martin Svolgart is 40 years old, a single dad, companion to the Rottweiler Heimdal, nature lover, amateur photographer, coffee lover, and a geek!

What fascinates him the most about writing is the possibility to look into the minds of the characters during the various situations they’re put in.

In his books, you get a look into the fundamentals of a person.

What can bring out the worst in a person? What can bring out the best?

Martin Svolgart is a smith by trade, but he went back to college to study some Psychology, among other subjects.


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