Would You Rather? – Book Edition

Welcome, today is a good Sunday. And that’s because I’m not at work tomorrow. I’m actually reading about 5 books at once but I’ve done something selfish and for the first time just put everything on hold to read something nagging at me to start and that’s The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski. I thought I’d take a short break to do this!

It’s something new which is a bookish Would You Rather? I was tagged in by my friend Peter (@Eldrazi)! A much better version of the game than the despicable questions I usually hear in the pub! (Ah, that place I sometimes used to meet friends and drink beer *sobs*)

The Rules

Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.

Make up your own questions and tag others. Simple.

Would you rather read from a hardback, paperback or E-book?

I used to prefer hardbacks but I’m finding them less comfortable – I think the reading experience if you’re in bed or on the sofa is probably more relaxing with a paperback. I do value the practicality of an ebook though and probably read 50% more by utilising my phone’s kindle app on the go.

Would you rather crack the spine of a Paperback book or ruin a hardback’s dust jacket?

I never crack the spine so I’d say ruin the dust jacket. The book will still look like a classic sat on the shelf without the dust jacket.

Would you prefer info dump on a world/magic system to a drip feed technique?

I feel like I’m one of the few people who really doesn’t care about info dumps and actually likes them. Gimme the backstory before I start. It still feels better to me than have characters painfully tell each other the information when you know it is highly likely said character will already know this info.

Would you rather jump on board with a book series and wait to see if it gets traction or wait for a successful book series to be brought to your attention?

Either really. I do both. I’d say option A is riskier because you’re putting time towards an unknown entity. But it can be rewarding because it doesn’t feel like you’re jumping on the bandwagon and can be one of the first to recommend. I get more excited to read existing series though.

Would you rather have dinner with your favourite character or author?

Definitely author. Most of my favourite characters wouldn’t really be very interested in a civilised meal.

Would you rather have a soft magic system or a hard magic system?

Hard magic systems – they feel more logical and honest. I don’t want a character just to beat a situation because of some unexplained magic that the author felt it was convenient to introduce. I want it defined so we know where we are. Saying that, many of my favourite series are soft magic. I think it all depends on how magic plays a part in the story. A Song of Ice and Fire is soft magic, but magic isn’t integral to the whole story so it’s less important.

Would you rather read duology’s, trilogies or standalone books?

Trilogies if it’s a really good story. But standalones can be great because there’s less chance of needless filler in the middle of the story to get bogged down in.

Would you rather read self published or traditionally published authors for 2 years straight?

Traditionally published because although I’m a big supporter of self published, on the whole they are usually a little less polished and after a while I always yearn for a traditionally published book.

Would you rather be stuck in your favourite fantasy/sci-fi world or your favourite fantasy/sci-fi book?

Slightly confused by this question as the book would still be the world? I’m gonna say I’d like to live in the Harry Potter universe though that would be cool.

Would you rather be allowed to read one book series (as it’s published) or all the books by one author?

One series. Sometimes an author has other series that really don’t appeal.

My questions for you:

Short chapters or long chapters?

Never be allowed to read your favourite series again, or only be allowed to read 1 book per month?

Live in a medieval fantasy or on another planet in the future?

Delete your twitter or delete your blog?

Lots of characters or a few core characters?

A lot of different locations or a small number of locations in a book?

Grimdark or something a bit easier going?

Would you rather read YA/Adult (whatever the opposite is of your usual reading) for a year, or change genres for a year?


4 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Book Edition

  1. Sorry about the friends and the beer at the pub, haha! At least you get to keep the memories, and maybe… one day… we can go out again without fearing that everyone around us will die after we’ve accidentally passed them the virus. Those questions about trad and indie published books are difficult. It’s unfortunately often true that indie stories aren’t as polished as traditionally published books :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading Ella :)! Yes one day I’ll be back with a beer in had haha, although there are much more important things to miss, hugs with family, days out.
      Yeah you do sometimes have to take more of a gamble on indie but can often be rewarded!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right! I absolutely agree, indie has a lot to give. And I think traditional publishing houses should check out what’s happening in the indie market – I wish many of these awesome new-thinking stories could get the benefits of a bigger team and budget when publishing!

        Liked by 1 person

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