The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 1

I’ve put together a spotlight on other bloggers as there are a lot of people in this community I admire for one reason or another. We’re all in this together and for pretty much the same reasons and I’d like to take a few posts to highlight some other SFF bloggers you will want to check out. Here’s the first one, introducing:

Joe at Black Sail Books

The first thing I noticed about Joe’s blogging is the polished feel and the professionalism. The logo is swish, the website is very clean and tidy. More striking than the visuals however is the thought he puts in to his blog, his newsletters particularly professional. He does review plenty of interesting books for your TBR, though his features are just as intriguing. A lot of time and consideration obviously goes into them, including topical subjects like A BLM book list post aswell as his book appreciation posts, most recently Appreciating the humor of Terry Pratchett.

Twitter: @blacksailbooks


Nick Borrelli at Out of This World SFF Reviews

Nick is all about the books! I really enjoy interacting with Nick on twitter and he’s one of the first accounts I found when I first started. I like that he doesn’t get embroiled in the disputes and disagreements that seem to happen with a bit of regularity in this space! He is a big supporter of other bloggers and self published books and you can be sure his reviews are very considered; a reliable source on books who is honest and respectful.

Twitter: @NickRevws

Blog: Out of This World SFF Reviews

Kriti Khare

Kriti puts SO. MUCH. TIME. Into her blogging and is a constant thought factory of good ideas. She’s probably the blogger I’ve noticed who spotlights other people the most, through her Creator’s Roulette – interviews with authors, bloggers, editors and many more people involved in the publishing industry and it’s a real insight into everything that goes on and the people involved in the community. Kriti has also become a good friend and we will often discuss ideas and different books and events happening. She puts so much effort in and it shows in the quality of her content.

Twitter: @_armedwithabook



Night is a fledgling blogger though has been involved in bookish twitter for much longer, including an absolutely gorgeous Instagram page. I actually spent about 2 months chatting to her thinking that she was a guy – sorry Night! She was even polite enough not to correct and embarrass me when I called her ‘man’ – then I saw a very female tweet and things clicked! Oops. Night is firmly in the same camp as me in that she buys far more books than she can hope to read, but she does take brilliant pictures of them. She also has a hilarious ability to predict the events of a book from the synopsis alone!

Twitter: @Somanybooks6

Blog: So Many Books

Scepter of Amun

I do know his name, but for the purposes of this feature we’ll go by his twitter name of Scepter of Amun. This may be a clue to his interests and Scepter, like myself has a real interest in Ancient History and his passion in this area really shines through. He’s always thinking of new ideas and on the look out for books with an exotic flavour. Scepter is a really supportive blogger too and someone you can always rely on to talk history, books or gaming amongst other interests! A very interesting guy who you should definitely follow, especially if you want to learn and read more history with a fantasy twist as well as some sci-fi.

Twitter: @Madaaworld12

Blog: Alalhambra Book Reviews

I have many more awesome bloggers to share, but this was 5 of them. Thankyou to this quintet for brightening up my experience. See you next time for some more amazing people!


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