The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 2

This is the second edition of The Bloggers Spotlight, something I’m doing to highlight other bloggers in the SFF community that I enjoy following and I am recommending to others. If nothing else it’s just a small bit of appreciation.

Yvonne at The Coy Caterpillar reads

Yvonne is one of a number of cool bloggers from Scotland I follow. She’s always reading, engaging and supporting other reviewers and bringing positivity. As well as fantasy she also enjoys crime, thriller and horror books so especially if you want to read other speculative fiction too she’s a great blogger to follow.

Twitter: @coycaterpillar

Blog: The Coy Caterpillar Reads

Peter at The Swordsmith

Peter is a very active and enthusiastic member of the SFF reading community. I like that he only publishes positive reviews, shouting about the books he loves (so far anyway). We need more positivity and I always prefer reading about good books that someone loved as the passion shines through more. Peter reads a lot of self published fantasy aswell so if you’re looking for a new book you might not have heard about before, get ahead of the curve and check out Peter’s reviews, you may find a hidden gem.

Twitter: @Eldrazi56

Blog: The Swordsmith

Cassidee Lanstra

Cassidee is one of the most genuinely lovely people and is a must follow. Her tweets are funny and interesting and her niceness shines through always! Her blog is really classy with the addition of thoughtful in depth reviews – design and substance. A blogger that will definitely make you smile.

(and she takes great pictures to go with her posts)

Twitter: @Sassideeee

Blog: Sassideeee

Paul at Bookends & Bagends

If you want to find out about great fantasy books, Bookends and Bagends is the way to go! Seriously. He’s a really interactive member of the blogging community too and is constantly sharing or creating stuff that makes you click on it! I love how supportive Paul is of other bloggers especially when he’s one of the best himself.

Twitter: @Bagendbooks


Sam at The Book in Hand

Sam’s definitely one of the coolest bloggers and always brings a grin to my face with her bubbly Lancashire humour. She’s always tweeting about great books and getting involved, as well as sharing interesting stuff, nice pics of books and her beautiful dog! Follow Sam to have your daily scrolling brightened up considerably and get recommended awesome books on her blog (and twitter)

Twitter: @thebookinhand_


That’s it for this edition. Get following these awesome bloggers! Remember to catch the next one for more 🙂 thanks as always for reading.


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