The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 3

Welcome to the third edition of The Bloggers Spotlight. Featuring more of the greatest book bloggers to be gracing the SFF genre. Please do feel free to give them all a follow!

Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Book Club

You can be sure if you worked hard on a post, Jodie will be there to support your blog and read it. Her kind words are always a boost and she puts just as much time in to recommending others as she does her own fantastic blog. All sorts of books are reviewed at the W&S Book Club, where you can be sure to find plenty of Fantasy and Science Fiction, organised with a handy menu bar for genre.

Blog: Witty & Sarcastic Book Club


Petrik Leo at Novel Notions

Petrik is one of the very best! Most times if I’m looking for a new book I will check out whether Petrik has reviewed it and what he thought of it. It was through Petrik I found one my favourite books of the year so far, We Ride the Storm. His considered and informative reviewing style always makes him the ‘go-to guy.’

Rather handily, Petrik has a linktree where you can find his blog, twitter, Instagram and more just one click away.

Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek

Drew’s blog is really fun and whilst I really enjoy his reviews, I also like how he keeps things fresh with his Music Monday and other non-review features. There’s loooooads of amazing books on Drew’s Blog and he needs to give himself some credit for being someone a lot of us look to for book reviews.

Following Drew you have a blog with humour, depth and originality but he also shares/RTs loads of great stuff on his timeline for you to check out from other bloggers. Truly a top person and blogger.

Blog: Tattooed Book Geek

Twitter: @SarcasticEnigma

Beth Tabler at Before We Go Blog

Beth is one of the loveliest bloggers and every mutual I know thinks so too. Half the interesting stuff on my timeline I reckon comes from Beth’s RTs and highlights. If anything good is cracking off on book twitter you can guarantee Beth will be there and if you need a lift she’ll be there too! Did I mention she also has her own blog!? I love the design and especially the logo. Reading shit since 1980.

Blog: Before We Go Blog

Twitter: @BethTabler

David at FanfiAddict

David is really passionate about the books he loves and I love that positivity on the timeline. He’ll happily talk for hours about good books and he’s always got great recommendations. He isn’t alone on fanfiaddict but there are a number of great bloggers that make up that blog. David is one of them and a great one at that! If you’re considering reading Red Rising especially, then click click click!

Blog: fanfiaddict

Twitter: @BookMeanderings

Tammy at Books, Bones and Buffy

Tammy recommends some really intriguing books and is very active with the interactions. She only reads the good stuff; I’ll take this as a compliment as she is a long term supporter of my blog which I really appreciate. Being supportive isn’t the sole reason for Tammy’s feature on The Bloggers Spotlight though (although she does share some awesome blogs); her own blog is a place you could spend hours if you have the time, with new content often.

Blog: Books, Bones and Buffy

Twitter: @Tammy_Sparks

I hope you enjoyed issue 3 of the bloggers spotlight. Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 3

  1. Reblogged this on BEFOREWEGOBLOG and commented:
    BWGB has been included in this wonderful list. I am so thankful, and on days where I challenge my own sanity for stressing myself so much over books, this makes it all worth it. Check out Spells and Spaceships when you get a chance. The reviews are wonderful!

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  2. Wow, thanks Alex! I’m in great company. I follow every one of these blogs already, except for Before We Go Blog, and I’ll probably head over there right now and join up:-)

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