The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 4

Welcome to the 4th issue of The Bloggers Spotlight; if you’re not familiar it’s simply an opportunity to be introduced to some great book bloggers and a chance for me to give back some positivity. Thanks for reading, enjoy!

Justine & Timy at Storytellers on Tour

Justine & Timy work so hard running Storytellers on Tour, a blog tour company bringing some amazing bloggers together to review some absolutely brilliant self published Fantasy and Sci-Fi books. They’re both also great bloggers and lovely people in their own right too, of course with stunning websites!

Storytellers on Tour – Twitter & Website


Blog: Whispers and Wonder

Twitter: @__its_Justine__


Blog: Rockstarlit Book Asylum

Twitter: @Starlitbook

Charlotte at The Sound of a Thousand Books

Charlotte is a really cool blogger who is always fun to talk to. Be prepared to deal with a lot of personal envy at her reading spots – so picturesque!! She takes lovely pictures so be sure to check out her Instagram in her bio.

Blog: The Sound of a Thousand Books

Twitter: @chbarli


Jake isn’t short on followers but I think he definitely deserves a lot more for the quality of his posts, work that has gone into his website and generally what an asset to the SFF book community he is. I can absolutely guarantee you’ll find out about great books by following Jake.

Linktree: Jakeisreading

Womble at Run Along the Shelves

Womble is a very knowledgeable blogger who is passionate about making the community a friendly and inclusive place to feel at home. He was one of the first people I followed when I started blogging and gave his own time to help me out when I had a few questions. If I say something stupid as I have been known to do on occasion, he’s not afraid to point me back on the right path.

Womble is basically notorious for “book tempting” in which he proudly takes on the role of book tempter in supervillain proportions, taking delight in adding to our TBRs.

Blog: Run Along the Shelves

Twitter: @Runalongwomble


Storme’s blog is called Stormereadsalot and boy, does Storme read ALOT. They read all sorts of books and I must say I am very envious of their ability to utterly smash through mount TBR. Meanwhile the books I want to read feel like an endless tide of approaching zombies – knock one down and 3 more spring up in its place! Storme also has a link tree which is super useful for finding a blogger’s online spaces.

Linktree: StormeReads


Lily’s first language is German though her English is great. It’s really interesting talking to Lily and getting a little more insight into life on mainland Europe. Her recent tweet of her German copy of the Hobbit had me really wanting to learn the language. As with everyone on this list, she’s also a lovely person.

Blog: Lily Reads

Twitter: @Lily_readsbooks

Thanks for reading, I hope you found somebody new to follow and some brilliant new blogs to take a look at!


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