I’m excited to present a new reading challenge; Norsevember.

What is Norsevember?

Norsevember is a reading event in which we talk about, recommend, read and review Norse inspired books!

There is also a reading challenge should you wish to take part and a couple of giveaways if you sign up. You don’t have to sign up, of course. Sign ups just give a better idea of how many books people are planning to read and the type of books they want to read most.

If you do choose to sign up, it’s very simple and you’ll receive a personal event card to use on your blog/Instagram/twitter. My example is below!

Use the hashtag #Norsevember so others taking part can find your posts easier and we can include and retweet your stuff for the event!

Why are you doing this?

I mentioned on twitter that I was thinking of dedicating one month to reading and reviewing Norse related books, and it got a lot of interest as well as others expressing their enthusiasm to do the same. As a result, Norsevember was born.

What are the rules?

If you don’t intend to take part in the reading challenge, there are no rules. Just recommend and talk about Norse books during November using the #Norsevember hashtag. Create any Norse related blog posts, pictures, whatever you like!

So what is the Norse challenge?

So, this challenge is primarily a reading challenge; to read and review as many Norse related books as possible. Bearing in mind books can take a while to read, and one month is a little short, anything read or reviewed between August 30th and November 30th is eligible towards your final score.

Afterall, although the aim is to read Norse books all through November, we do need stuff to talk about at the start of the month! Just remember to repost your review during November.

You’re also encouraged to share any Norse related artwork, poetry, Instagram posts, short stories, insights, Norse related blog posts or craftwork you’ve created. Anything like this posted during the month with the hashtag counts towards your final total. You’ll earn 1 point for each submission as well as 1 point for each Norse inspired book read between August 30th and November 30th. To qualify for a giveaway (if you choose to enter) you’ll simply need to submit a minimum of 2 submissions in total, whatever they may be. Of course, you can do it purely for fun or lurk from the shadows.

Can you point me in the direction of some Norse books?

There is a blog post coming in the near future with suggestions. For the time being though, check out David’s recent Norse fiction related post here, which will give you plenty to think about, with 30 books featured!

What books can I read?

This is predominately a fantasy and science fiction blog but for this event, anything Norse related! Fantasy, History, Graphic novels, YA, Historical Fiction, Horror, Children’s books, Sci-Fi, Geographical +

Reading Norse related books in other genres helps to create a more in depth picture its history and culture when reading within the fantasy genre, for example. Every Norse book is valid!

What am I aiming for?

It’s totally up to you, everyone is different and that’s why reading and reviewing aren’t the only ways to rack up points – not everyone has the time, energy or ability to read a stack of books. All books will count though, it doesn’t have to be a 600 page doorstopper. There is a level-up system if you do want to test yourself and see how much you can contribute! See below.

How can I show others I’m involved?

Other than sharing your posts and using the hashtag, there is a twitter and blog image available to use to show your interest. It should be just the right size for a twitter cover picture:

Where do I sign up?

As mentioned above, you don’t have to sign up to take part, but it does improve your overall experience and involvement! You can do so here!

That’s all for now! There’ll be some more Norse related things to get involved in closer to Norsevember, including author interviews and some other stuff to be revealed. For the time being, get planning, start reading, and enjoy the run up to #Norsevember. Thanks for taking part, let’s have some fun!


22 thoughts on “#Norsevember

  1. aaaa what are you doing to meeee?! I had my TBR all planed out and now I want to take part of this reading challenge!!! Oh well…. Back to the TBR drawing board!

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  2. Excited for this! I’m going to read the Magnus Chase books, as I’ve just finished Percy Jackson and the Olympians! Also coincides PERFECTLY with the release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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  3. So excited for Norsevember – thanks for setting this up Alex! I signed up this past weekend but was having major technology issues. So, please let me know if you didn’t receive my submission and I will redo it. Cheers!


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