The Sunshine Blogger’s Award

It was lovely to be named as a sunshine blogger – someone who is creative, positive, and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community, by CoffeBookandCandle, so Thankyou for that!

How does it work?

· Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

· Answer the 11 questions prompted by the person who nominated you.

· Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

· List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

The Questions:

What’s your favorite blogging season?

Definitely winter. I’ve only been blogging 11 months so haven’t had a full year yet but most of my creativity comes when I’m stuck inside.

What book(s) do you reread regularly?

I have to admit I don’t actually re-read anything. I have a lot of books and authors I want to discover and an extensive TBR! In future I imagine I’ll re-read some of the Witcher books although I haven’t finished all those yet.

What was your last disappointing read?

I was recommended a book by a publisher based on my love of Alien (the film). The book didn’t really capture any of what made Alien great – it’s something that annoys me in general that anything based in space with horror elements lazily gets compared to Alien and 90% of the time they aren’t similar at all. Either push your own merits or make realistic comparisons. It’s the same with fantasy – everything is the next Game of Thrones!

What was the last book you were pleasantly surprised by?

The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark. It’s the book that told me to take less notice of Goodreads ratings. It was a 5 star read for me and I really enjoyed the style – it isn’t for everyone but that’s what made it so good for mewho wants to read the same sort of thing all the time?

Do you plan your TBR or are you a mood reader?

I’m very very much a mood reader. I can put down a book that I’ve enjoyed up to that point just because I’m not in the mood, and come back to it a week or two later. Because of arcs, review requests and buddy reads though sometimes I do plan to make sure I stick to my obligations.

What book character are you most like?

Probably Pippin Took. I hate taking life too seriously and if there’s an opportunity to be silly, to drink and eat and go on an adventure I’m there. Sometimes I get into trouble in various contexts but I believe we only get one life and it feels a shame to waste it being too serious.

If you could visit any book world, which would it be?

Most of them in fantasy and sci-fi are pretty brutal so I’m not sure I’d last long! There’s plenty I’d like to explore in a protective bubble. I’ll think outside the box and choose Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I almost thing I’d risk a theme park calamity just to see some dinosaurs up close. Maybe not a trip to take family and friends on just incase.

If you had to pick another topic to blog about, what would it be?

English Football. I’m a big fan of Arsenal FC and used to have an account with a few thousand followers; I satisfied my writing itch through that. Ultimately it just got so depressing trying to remain positive especially with football fans known for being a little irrational when things aren’t going well – I’d say Arsenal fans particularly so! I still have the passion for it, just not the energy – so it’s possible I could go back eventually.

How long have you been a blogger?

The end of November, 2019. So just over 10 months.

What book from this year do you absolutely recommend reading?

Blood of an Exile (and it’s follow-up, Sorcery of a Queen) by Brian Naslund. Dragons always appeal but it really resonated with me because the dragons are part of an ecosystem just like any other top predator – and there is a big focus on protecting the natural order and not interfering with nature which is something I’m passionate about. The books are just brilliant page turners though, too.

Have you ever dipped into a genre you normally don’t read? How did that go?

I’d never read a historical fiction until this year. I’m a big history fan so this might seem strange – it’s just I’ve always thought: A. If it’s based on history I already know what happens and it’s going to be limited by having to follow the constraints of the plot and B. If I want the history I’ll read the non-fiction, if I want the plot I’ll read a fantasy with more scope for creativity. As it happens though you can tell a really exciting historical fiction and sometimes knowing a bit of the history beforehand actually makes it more entertaining. So I’ve changed my opinion on them a little since reading some Viking historical fiction. I think it helps that we don’t know loads of in depth information about the period.

I hope you enjoyed the read! Apologies in advance that it’s probably not the best formatted post or that I’ve not linked the other blogs on this post but you can find them on my twitter post!

My questions for those I intend to tag follow:

1. What historical period would you like to see a novel set in?

2. Could a fiction book ever make you cry, or be genuinely frightened; which was the last one that did if so?

3. Describe what your perfect reading getaway would be.

4. When you tell yourself you should be reading but don’t, what tends to steal your reading time?

5. What is your favourite thing about the reading/blogging community?

6. What is your least favourite thing about the reading/blogging community?

7. Name a book that needs to be made into a TV show or movie.

8. How often do you make use of the block or mute buttons? 😉

9. What is your go-to drink when reading?

10. If you had the option to magically kmow everything that happens in some of your unread books, would you take advantage?

11. How well do you care for your books; are you a librarian or a chaos reader?


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