Truth and Other Lies – A Norsevember Guest Post from Lyra Wolf!

I’m pleased to present this fun-filled guest post from Lyra Wolf; get to know the author and her book Truth and Other Lies – a fresh new Norse mythology inspired fantasy.


There are paperbacks. Yes, with an s on the end! Signed paperbacks of Truth and Other Lies – simply RT my twitter post and follow Lyra, reply with a picture of your Viking Longship for an extra entry. Lyra is also hosting a giveaway of her book on her twitter page should you wish to enter. Good luck!!

Take it away, Lyra!

Are you on the horns of a dilemma, trying to find enough books for your Norsevember reading challenge? Well, don’t worry, cuz I just rolled up in my longboat and am here to help.

First of all, thanks and Odin’s blessings to Alex for inviting me to guest blog. May Hugin and Munin never leave droppings on your freshly-washed car.

Now, onto the important stuff, like pillaging and drinking mead and singing drinking songs about pillaging. And my book…which is about the mama-is-reaching-for-the-wooden-spoon-of-doom level of trouble that the Norse gods tend to get into when they interfere with human affairs.

My book is called, Truth and Other Lies, and if you can’t tell from the title, it involves our fave sass-a-licious trickster god, Loki. Through a series of accidents and coincidences (that are in no way Loki’s fault, obviously), Loki ends up on the realm of Midgard (planet Earth for you lowly mortals) and sets into motion (inadvertently, of course) a set of actions that could lose him the one woman he truly loves. Oh, and spell the end of all Nine Realms. Priorities, after all.

It’s all there in this book, a veritable smörgåsbord of high fantasy, deep mythology, thrill-a-minute adventure, romance, betrayal, and throwing knives. Mustn’t forget the throwing knives.

Truth and Other Lies is Book One in The Nine World Chronicles and is available from:

Amazon US – 

Amazon UK –  

Universal Link –

Goodreads –

A little about me…

Aside from having the disturbing urge to channel the Norse trickster god Loki, I also own a Chihuahua who thinks she’s a descendent of Fenrir.

I’m originally from Indiana, home to a billion corn mazes, and now live in central Florida, home to a billion mosquitoes the size of Chihuahuas. I love Mozart, traveling, theme parks, and raising procrastination to a fine art.

You can follow me and indulge in admiring the vaguely accusatory looks Kiwi the Chihuahua tends to throw at me. I’m on the web at, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can share pictures of your pets’ vaguely accusatory looks. We can suffer together.

Truth and Other Lies

Nothing is trickier than the truth.

All Loki the trickster god of Asgard wants is a quiet, peaceful life where he’s free to needle Balder, occasionally stir up the inter-realm porridge pot, and get Thor to dress in women’s garments (for all the best reasons).

Getting beset by sudden, painful, and terribly inconvenient visions of blood, ash, and death are definitely not on his to-do list. But, because of some small, ridiculous remnant of caring that refuses to be extinguished, Loki feels he must save Asgard…and that means warning Odin, his least favorite god (next to Thor).

But getting the gods to believe the boy who cried Fenrir is harder than it looks, and time is running out, not just for Asgard, but also for a mortal woman named Sigyn who may just hold the key to Loki’s future.

Loki is about to find out the hard way that the only thing crueler than truth are the lies behind it all.


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