Norse Stores and Gift Ideas

There are some brilliant stores offering a variety of Norse inspired items that you might be interested in. I’ve decided to (rather helpfully, might I add) collect a number of them here for your convenience. By gift ideas I know you’re looking to buy stuff for yourself. Nobody is fooled.

Enjoy reading through and I hope you find something cool you might treat yourself or someone else to! These stores are interesting just to look at for the beauty of the work and the designs if you check them out for no other reason.

Just to clarify, I’ve chosen ‘my pick’ for one of my favourite items from each store. This doesn’t necessarily mean I can afford it! Also, I am not in contact with anyone associated with these businesses and chose them purely based on my own research.

Click the name of the store to be taken to their website in a new tab.


Grimfrost has a range of authentic Viking inspired items – jewellery, drinking horns, feasting and grooming items and clothing.

My pick:
I love this drinking horn! Retails at around $45

Raven Forge

Raven Forge offer a variety of different Viking themed items, again including drinking horns and clothing, though they specialise in weapons; specifically axes. Their work is top quality, with some amazing looking stuff available. Truly stunning.

My pick:
This Pizza axe is SO COOL. Priced at £75


Norsegarde offers a range of high quality Norse jewellery from pendants and rings, to bracelets, necklaces and beard beads!

My pick:
I always wear at least 1 bracelet if I go out anywhere so this Mjölnir bracelet really caught my eye. £23

Valhalla World

Valhalla World is a team of 5 based working from 2 workshops in Ukraine. Everything is handcrafted. You may need to put aside a bit of cash to buy anything here but the stuff they sell is simply awesome.

My pick:
Look at the beauty of this hammer. It’s not cheap, but then nothing of high quality is! Priced at $299


Asgard is a really cool store in York, UK that also sells items online. They sell all sorts of unique Viking items, runes, glassware, clothing, jewellery, crafting supplies and one-off items.

My pick:
These authentic Norse bone dice replicas, made from cow bone. Unlike modern die in which the opposite numbers add up to 7, these Norse die number 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6. The most affordable pick on the list at £4.49

Seen anything you like? Checked out the stores and seen something that belongs here? Let me know.


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