Farewell Norsevember: The Round-up

Well, this is the last Norsevember post!

It’s going to consist of a few reflections from me, a look at some of the high points of the event, some of the cool stuff people have shared that you might not have seen – and some special things I haven’t revealed so far + a few acknowledgements. If you want to skip past my thoughts to the more interesting stuff, I understand!

To find every review submitted by the community (using the hashtag, anyway) aswell as every single one of my blog posts plus community features, the Norsevember hub will be a permanent resource on my website for you to use at any time. I also plan to add subsequent Norse-related reviews from myself and other bloggers to the hub, so that it can now grow and develop and hopefully be something to serve the reading community, both readers and authors. You can find the hub here.

Did I feel the event was a success?

Well, here’s what I wanted to do; to help others and myself learn more about all things Norse, to give authors a boost in sales/recognition and to give people something to be entertained and distracted by during pandemic restrictions. I also wanted to test myself and produce something for the community I could be proud of and look back on.

If I achieved any of these things, I’m happy! Of course, I hoped it would also raise the profile of my blog too – but that alone wouldn’t have been enough for the several hours a week the event demanded; I will enjoy a nice rest for sure now!!

What did astound me is the generosity of authors. I bought enough giveaway prizes for 1 each week (2 books, a personalised bookmark and a Mjölnir replica bottle opener + a few ebooks leading up to the event) and in the end I was able to award a giveaway prize every couple of days!! And we’re not even done yet.

Some cool stuff shared during Norsevember (non exhaustive list!)

Here is a list of some of the awesome stuff shared during the month, sorry I haven’t linked to your profiles but as you can imagine I’d be here all day checking!

Bex shared her amazing Viking mug
Caroline rocked a plait for Norsevember…
… whilst Masquereads smashed the Norsevember beard theme!
Peter wore his Mjölnir necklace to celebrate the event
Ben started making a Viking comic!
Kenj shared their incredible illustration
David hosted a cover reveal of Josh Gillingham’s follow up to The Gatewatch

Thankyou to everyone who took part in the event and showed such enthusiasm towards it! Some of you were really involved, I can’t name everyone here but you’re all on the Norsevember hub with your posts – special thanks to Bjørn Larssen, Coffee Book and Candle, We Hae Books, Liv Hooper, Occult Detective & The Thirteenth Shelf for some amazing content.

A few personal thankyous –

Thanks to Josh Gillingham for being there to answer any Norse related question, and especially for helping me come up with the ranking system.

Thanks to the authors (and publishers where applicable) who provided giveaway copies of their books for the event; Lyra Wolf, Genevieve Gornichec, Hannah Long, Thilde Kold Holdt, Marian Thorpe, Ian Stuart Sharpe, Jeremy Mohler, Margrét Helgadóttir, Chris Sharp & again, Josh Gillingham!

Thanks also to those people who gave their time for an interview. I absolutely loved hearing everyone’s answers and chatting with you all, it was genuinely a brilliant experience and a pleasure to talk to you all; Genevieve Gornichec, C. R. May, Dr. Johanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir, Hannah Long, Thilde Kold Holdt, Scott Oden, Fjorn’s Hall, Josh Gillingham, Dr. Marianne Hem Eriksen. Thankyou to Asa Wheatley for choosing the blog to share your cool new comic. And thanks to Bjørn Larssen for some great conversations and alternate perspectives.

I hope you all had fun, see you around!



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