Sagas of the Shield Maiden – A Preview

Hello fellow #Norsevember readers. My name is Asa Wheatley and I am the writer behind the recently released comic Sagas of the Shield Maiden. I want to start by thanking Alex for very kindly letting me talk about Sagas of the Shield Maiden as part of the fantastic event that is #Norsevember. So let’s getContinue reading “Sagas of the Shield Maiden – A Preview”

An Interview with Scott Oden

It is with pleasure I introduce my interview with Scott Oden, author of the Norse inspired fantasy books A Gathering of Ravens and it’s sequel, Twilight of the Gods. Hi Scott, great to have you on the blog and with us for Norsevember! Thanks for having me! You’ve recently released Twilight of the Gods, theContinue reading “An Interview with Scott Oden”

The Viking Longship

If there’s anything synonymous with the Vikings, it’s not the shields or the axes, the beards or the runes, the Gods or the raiding; it’s the Viking Longship (or Longboat as they were always called at school growing up). The longship is a symbol and epitomises everything the Vikings were. It struck fear into enemiesContinue reading “The Viking Longship”

An Interview with Joshua Gillingham

Hi Josh! It’s great to have you on the blog to talk all things Norse/Viking! Is there a difference between a Norseman and a Viking? Hello Alex! So good to be here. Well, we are really diving into the deep end with this first one. The word ‘Viking’ in Old Norse is associated with aContinue reading “An Interview with Joshua Gillingham”

Viking Influences Today: Movies, Music and Games

Today we’re going to have a bit more of a laid back post looking at the impact of Vikings and Norse Mythology in popular culture. Books of course play a massive role but I reckon we’ve touched on them alot, and will continue to do so throughout the event. Skål! Movies In recent years, TVContinue reading “Viking Influences Today: Movies, Music and Games”

An Interview with Ian Stuart Sharpe: Vikingverse!

Ian is the author of the Vikingverse series; currently 2 novels and 3 comics. Vikingverse is a parallel timeline where the Norse rule seas and stars with restless fleets and Christianity has been put to the Viking sword. He also reached the kickstarter completion for the book he co-authored, Old Norse for Modern Times whichContinue reading “An Interview with Ian Stuart Sharpe: Vikingverse!”