The 2021 SFF Badge Collection

Hello one and all and welcome to my latest feature; the Spells & Spaceships Badge Collection (virtual badge collection, sorry!)

I’ve seen book bingo events floating around in the past, many of which were very well done. I’ve not actually seen many for 2021 but those I did see were quite generic to books in general, so I wanted to create something for the Science Fiction and Fantasy community specifically (+ horror and historical fiction wherever they apply).

As a result, I came up with this badge collection, which is basically a book bingo with different aesthetics! I’m quite proud of the designs and I hope you enjoy taking part and collecting these virtual badges over the course of the year.

Each badge represents a certain type of book or element in a story. Read Evan Winter’s The Rage of Dragons? Select your badge – do you need the epic fantasy badge, the dragon badge, perhaps the African inspired badge?

The only rule is that one book can only earn you one badge, so choose wisely and complete your collection!

Update: I am unfortunately unable to update any more virtual wallets; this event was so much more popular than I expected! Thanks for understanding.

Here are the badges for you to start collecting from 1st January:

Here is a graphic for you to use, should you wish to. I look forward to seeing what everyone is reading, we’ll have roundups every quarter to see how everyone’s getting on. Have fun! SkΓ₯l.

Access this Google drive link for the original, transparent background images to add to your virtual wallet:



31 thoughts on “The 2021 SFF Badge Collection

  1. I love this! I definitely want to try and collect them all! So many of your recommendations are on my to read list for 2021 so this would definitely motivate me!
    Thanks for creating this!


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    1. My pleasure! Glad to have you on board πŸ™‚
      I wouldn’t necessarily use my recommendations as a definitive guide as I haven’t read most of those listed – I just needed to add some popular choices to give people an idea of what type of book fits each category πŸ™‚

      Can’t wait to see how many you get!!

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  2. I’ll be keeping track of this challenge here on my blog ('s new and I’m out of spoons right now, thus it’s pretty bare for now), one of…. probably too many challenges I’m going to attempt this year! xD Reading is tons of fun on its own; why not make a game and goal out of it, too? Especially for those ones you know you ‘should’ read, but just can’t seem to get the energy together for. Well, having a time limit certainly helps! And badges. πŸ˜€

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