10 new releases for 2021 I’m excited to read…

I know, I know – I should really finish the books I own already before looking at new releases. But if you love books too, chances are you can’t stick to your own advice. So zip it.

There’s always space for new books! And here are 10 I’m really quite excited for in 2021!

We Lie With Death – Devin Madson

We Ride the Storm was in my top 3 reads of 2020, so of course I’m extremely excited to read its sequel, out early 2021. Devin Madson has created an Asian Inspired world full of action, political intrigue and engrossing characters. I’m mega excited to see where things go next.

The Witch’s Heart – Genevieve Gornichec

Genevieve Gornichec’s take on one of my favourite Norse Mythology stories (Loki’s Children) looks like it could be a real hit. Instead of the focus being on the trickster god, the story follows the giantess Angrboda – the children’s mother.

A debut I’m really intrigued by and one I’m especially looking forward to seeing due to the author’s unique take on the mythology.

Project Hail Mary – Andy Weir

This book has been labelled ‘part scientific mystery, part dazzling interstellar journey‘ and there aren’t loads of details, which makes it all the more enticing. A lone astronaut is stranded millions of miles from home, waking up unable to remember his mission, with two corpses for company.

I haven’t started Andy Weir’s other sci-fi novels (although I enjoyed The Martian movie) though out of the lot, the premise of this one appeals the most. I’m really interested to see what the book is about and what the author does with the story.

The Insurgent King – Justin Lee Anderson (cover art unreleased)

SPFBO 2020 Finalist Justin Lee Anderson hit readers with a stunning Edinburgh inspired epic fantasy late last year. With mystery elements, a strong cast of characters and immersive plot, this was a book that came out of nowhere and had reviewers spamming that 5 star rating.

Book two of the Eidyn trilogy, The Insurgent King is planned for a summer 2021 release. I’ll be reading it as soon as it’s available.

The Witness for the Dead – Katherine Addison

So, I haven’t read The Goblin Emperor yet, but this isn’t a direct sequel as such. Ok, it is a sequel, but it apparently works as a standalone. By the time of its release I’ll have read The Goblin Emperor (which I’m convinced I’ll love) and it’s good to know there’ll be another book shortly after completion.

The Bone Shard Emperor – Andrea Stewart (cover art unreleased)

The Bone Shard Daughter was a really solid debut full of characters I really cared about and a fun magic system based on bone shard magic to create constructs from parts. The first half was kinda slow, but the second flew by and hurtled to the finish line. I’m expecting The Bone Shard Emperor to grab the baton and carry on at the same pace The Bone Shard Daughter left off at, in a world I already care a lot about the characters.

Alien: Into Charybdis – Alex White

Ahhh, I loved Alex White’s first book, The Cold Forge and this follow up promises to be equally brilliant. Alex treated the Alien franchise with respect, whilst putting their own spin and creative intelligence into the storytelling. Can’t wait to see where they take this next.

Hall of Smoke – Hannah Long

This book was another one to feature for Norsevember, featuring a warrior priestess on a path of redemption and vengeance. A debut novel from Hannah Long, it features fallible gods, demons and plenty of action. This promises to be a fast paced read full of mythology and axe blades!

The Shadow of the Gods – John Gwynne (cover art unreleased)

A brand new series from the author of the acclaimed Faithful and the Fallen series (which is sat on my shelf). I’m currently a bit daunted to read 4 thick books + 3 more that follow on, though I will start the series in 2021. I’m determined for once to be there from the start for a new exciting series though so I’ll be reading The Shadow of the Gods as soon as it’s released.

The Blacktongue Thief – Christopher Buehlman

I was first drawn to this book by its cover. Then I saw Fantasy Book Review gave it a 10/10 advanced review rating. And the premise looks like this will be a really great read – the first sentence was all I needed: “Set in a world of goblin wars, stag-sized battle ravens, and assassins who kill with deadly tattoos…”

What are you looking forward to reading in 2021?


7 thoughts on “10 new releases for 2021 I’m excited to read…

  1. Really interested in The Witch’s Heart after reading about it (and the author interview) during your Norsevember event.

    I wasn’t aware Andy Weir had another book coming out. I loved The Martian so much (the movie doesn’t even hold a candle to the book, and it cut out the most hilarious and inventive moments for some reason.) His second book, Artemis, was just so bad and disappointing. I DNFed it. So I’m not sure where I’d stand on Project Hail Mary. I’d have to see how the reviews pan out.


  2. I wholeheartedly agree that there’s always room for new books!

    I think I’m most interested in The Blacktongue Thief and We Lie With Death. In regards to the former, I never knew I needed giant battle ravens in my fantasy books until now!


  3. Oooh maybe I should check out We Ride the Storm! The sequel looks like something I would read and somehow I haven’t heard of the first one!

    I’m really looking forward to The Witches Heart, it looks like it has so much potential, I have my fingers crossed it doesnt flop.

    I’m also excited for Hall of Smoke but there doesnt seem to be a ton of hype yet at all, which makes me a little nervous and I really hope it’s good because I love to discover a great fantasy.

    I’m literally dying for The Bone Shard Emperor. The first book was probably my favorite book that I read last year. Just an incredible debut and I’m sooo excited for the sequel. Memphi!

    The Blacktongue Thief is one that’s on my might want list. I feel like I need to see a few more reviews before deciding if I want to try to get an ARC.

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