The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 5

Welcome to the fifth part of the bloggers spotlight series, in which I showcase some of the awesome SFF bloggers and reviewers that will brighten your timeline in some way or another. Today sees another 5 added; I hope you find someone new to follow. Enjoy!

Ollie – Infinite Speculation

I like Ollie’s stylish, uniform blog design containing plenty of great reviews.

Many SFF bloggers seem to have a bit more of a focus on fantasy, so for sci-fi it’s great to check out Ollie’s blog, which features reviews for loads of brilliant sci-fi books. One of the nicest guys to talk to aswell.

Blog: Infinite Speculation

Twitter: @Infinite_Ollie

The Shaggy Shepherd

The Shaggy Shepherd isn’t actually the reviewer – that would be Isabelle, who has a beautiful German Shepherd dog who features on her social media – that’s enough for me to follow.

The Shaggy Shepherd though is much more than just the dogster – a really great website full of SFF but also other genres and non fiction. She’s always great to talk to and participates in the various events that go on in the community. Definitely one of my favourite fellow reviewers.

Blog: The Shaggy Shepherd

Twitter: @dshaggyshepherd

Jack Shelton

Jack is always reading and recommending excellent books, mostly within the fantasy genre. If you’re looking for swords, magic and battles, he’s your man. Active reviewer who takes interest in checking out others’ reviews and talking about good books!

Blog: Jack’s Bedtime Reading

Twitter: @JShelton89

Under The Radar Books

Under The Radar has been on twitter since October ’20 but is already becoming one of the go-to reviewers for Fantasy and Science Fiction – also recently nominated for a Stabby Award.

The books they read are always sure to grab your attention and they are a very welcome new addition to the SFF twitter community and a go-to blogger for checking out your next read.

Blog: Under the Radar SFF Books

Twitter: @undertheradarb2


Rowena is an all round awesome person, who gets involved in a lot of bookish stuff. I loved the effort she went to in getting involved with Norsevember and the work that goes into her blog, such as creating her own graphics to help with reviews.

She’s studying a postgrad and somehow still finds the time to get involved and write some brilliant reviews. Someone in the community that I really appreciate and am glad to have made friends with.

Blog: Beneath a Thousand Skies

Twitter: @R_M__Andrews

This rounds up another bloggers spotlight. Stay safe, and thanks for reading.


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