Numa the Hunter – Review

An intriguing and beautifully illustrated sci-fi graphic novel you need to read more than once to fully appreciate.

Stas Borodin created the interior illustrations for SPFBO runner up Black Stone Heart by Michael R. Fletcher. With Numa the Hunter volume one we have Borodin’s first published graphic novel and the images are predictably gorgeous.

What stands out immediately is that this isn’t the style of graphic novel that perhaps springs to mind straight away when you picture many of the well-known examples – bright, colourful, with text boxes in your face. This style actually gives a black and white almost textbook illustration vibe, with no words included.

At first, this gave me the impression it might be hard to follow, but by the end I appreciated the effect it had on the story. We’re on a mysterious planet full of danger and throwing the reader in without any explanation aids the immersion. You have to work out what’s going on for yourself – and at times on my first read I wasn’t always able to do so, but I sure enjoyed the ride! Having re-read it a handful of times now (it’s only 50 pages or so) I find myself thinking it’s brilliant and wanting to learn more about this brutal and beautiful world.

It’s why you need to read it two or three times, and more slowly the next time around. It’s essential to get a better grasp of the story; Borodin doesn’t hold your hand so for some readers that will help with the immersion of being in this strange alien place while for others it may be a struggle to adapt to.

The story starts fast with a game of cat and mouse with a dangerous predatory bird, before giving way to some really mysterious stuff and showing off the creator’s imaginative flair.

Thankyou to Stas Borodin for offering me this arc, I really enjoyed it and I encourage you to read it and experience the wonderful illustrations and imaginative world.

Under the shuttered moon, on an alien world populated by giant insects and bizarre beasts, a young hunter embarks on a perilous journey to find his lost kin and save his race from extinction.
In vein of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert Howard, inspired by Frank Frazetta and Moebius we present you a vast new world to explore and a set of unique characters to love and hate.

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