Love, Death or Mermaid? Cover Reveal

Hi folks, I’m back with a new cover reveal to share with you today – it’s Love, Death or Mermaid? from fantasy author D. H. Willison!

So, first thing… what is the book about?

Opportunity knocks on the humblest of doors. But it knocks only once.
When an overheard conversation leads to a hunt for a long-forgotten pirate’s treasure in the sunny tropics, Herbert can’t believe his luck. With shipmates including the charming if somewhat feline-featured Katie, a suave and dapper captain, and a hyper-competent crew, such an opportunity seems too good to be true.
And we all know how that usually turns out.
He soon discovers that said adventure vacation of a lifetime comes with minor downsides, such as being hunted by giant sea monsters. Including an alluring—if somewhat bloodthirsty—mermaid. Additionally, the term ‘lifetime’ refers to a significantly shorter time-frame than he envisioned.
Set sail on the high seas of Arvia! (Must supply own cutlass.)
A stand-alone novella on the world of Arvia, intended for adult or young adult readers.

A three chapter sneak peek (which the author promises don’t end in a cliffhanger) is available on the author’s website:

First three chapters

The novella will be $0.99 on preorder on

Apple books

Barnes and Noble


A paperback is available for $5.99 at Barnes and Noble.

And the cover itself:

I think you’ll agree it’s a really colourful, eye catching hand drawn cover from the talented Papaya – Instagram

Thanks for reading!

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