The Loki Badge

Heil og sæl short-lived Midgardians, Loki here.

I’ve heard whispers of this Norsevember event coming up, and the associated badge collection. It all sounds so 2020.

If you’re going to earn some badges though, Odin’s knot – really? Knots are just so easy to wriggle out of. Thor’s hammer – have you seen the handle on that thing? No wonder the God of Thunder has little man syndrome. And a Viking badge? All the delights of Midgard and you actually want to spend your days and nights in Óðinn or Freyja’s halls? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Anyway, I’ve got a bit of time to spare during November before the Yule celebrations arrive. I just love the holiday season; drinking, gifts and merriment. And an abundance of misteltoe! It’s amazing what you can do with a sprig of the stuff.

You can’t fully complete the Norsevember badge collection without the Loki badge. I’m not as bad as the Æsir would have you believe, you can earn this badge pretty simply, if you let yourself succumb to chaos. Try it, it’s fun!

If you want your badge, your fate lies in a blind roll of fortune. I’ve decided upon several possibilities correlating to the number you receive. Complete the task and earn a small fragment of my respect. I didn’t say it would be fair, but isn’t order just so sensible and boring?

Here are the Loki mischief challenges:

1. Tweet your own Norse inspired piece of poetry. Yes, you heard correctly.

2. Answer a Norse related question within 2 minutes without the use of search engines or friends

3. Complete a unique Loki twitter challenge *chuckles*

4. Tell me about your favourite Norse story and why

5. Get 10 retweets on any Norse inspired tweet. Feel free to think outside the box

6. Change your display name on twitter to a traditional Nordic name for the whole of Norsevember.

There, nothing too horrible! Well, it might be if you get a 3… Have fun and don’t take things too seriously. Being serious is so tiresome.

Love, your favourite trickster, Loki


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