What are my highlight stickers?

Hi everyone, if you were wondering how my highlight stickers system works, wonder no longer – this post will guide you through why and how I use these highlight stickers on my reviews.

I designed my own highlights system to show what I felt a book’s strongest aspects were. There are a total of 15 different strengths, or qualities that I have came up with – ONE of these is chosen to show which I felt the books main strength was, followed by the other two aspects I felt had the biggest impact on the overall book. In theory, a book could have every single sticker applied to it, but the 3 on the graphic are the ones that stood out, with the biggest sticker being the one that I immediately associated with the book upon reading.

These are just what I feel in my opinion the three most prominent elements of the book are – I will introduce each sticker below:

Why do it?

I decided to do this to give readers a quick reference of the main aspects of the book.

This helps highlight whether it’s a book that focuses on the things you hold most important.

A fast paced or otherwise immersive book that you have to pick up at the earliest opportunity to find out what happens next or to spend more time in the world.

A book that provokes you to think about things more deeply, during or after reading.

A book with a well developed world that is interesting, in-depth or simply a place you need to spend more time in because it’s that well thought out.

A more wholesome read that’s unlikely to upset or offend – the type of book you curl up with on a cold winter night with a hot drink or snuggle up in bed to read another chapter of. Usually leaves you feeling good or just with that warm satisfied feeling.

A character driven story and/or one in which there is a strong focus on character development, or simply excellently written characters that you love. Or of course ones that you love to hate.

A book with darker aspects – this could apply for most Grimdark books, as well as a host of other types of books that often offer a more realistic and less hopeful vision or events happen that are more unsuitable for younger readers.

A book that raises some interesting ideas or some unique viewpoints that you might not have considered or encountered before, aswell as some unique plot elements.

This book has emotional moments that pull at your heart strings; not necessarily sad moments (although of course those books would probably get this highlight stamp) but books that pull your emotions all over the place.

The author of this book is an imaginative storyteller that you could easily listen to whilst sat around a camp fire for the evening. Their story is creative and well-told.

This is for books that allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride. They might often be joined by the action-packed, page turner or light hearted highlights, thought that isn’t always the case. Likely to keep your attention easily and be a fun ride.

This book will have themes such as women overcoming adversity, strong female identities and female characters to particularly admire.

This book will have a focus on, or plenty of instances of action sequences. Battles, fights, racing, violence, chases.

This book will probably not be for everyone, but could well be some readers’ absolute fave. Books with this highlight will be a bit weird or different and probably pretty unique!

Books with the light hearted highlight have aspects of humour or being easy-going in some respects. Of course this can still apply to serious books, and this highlight might be applied to books with memorable banter between characters, a humorous POV, or works of satire and parody, for example – as well as reads that are just a little more relaxed.

Books with the relationships highlight will have strong bonds between characters that form a central part of the plot. Books with strong themes of romance would also have this highlight stamp applied. If a book has love as a prevalent aspect then this would apply.

I also have a ‘superstar read’ sticker reserved only for my very favourite books. There’ll maybe only be one of these a year; even amazing 5 star reads won’t earn one unless they climb into my soul and grab hold of my inner being!

These highlight stickers hopefully give a short, sharp visual aid to what type of book it is before even starting the review. I’ve shared some examples below:

(Thanks for reading!!)

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