Norsevember Week 1 Roundup

Week 1: Setting Sail is already over. Didn’t that go fast?

Anyway, here’s a post for anyone who missed anything or wanted a recap of all the goings on.

Last year, the author Thilde Kold Holdt kicked off Norsevember with our interview and a review from me (plus many others) for her debut novel, Northern Wrath. Since then, her second book in the Hanged God Trilogy, Shackled Fates has been published – a book I refer to as A Masterpiece of Norse Storytelling.

It felt only right therefore to have her back to kick off the second year of Norsevember. Fortunately, she was enthusiastic about the idea and really opened the month with a bang, publishing her feature on Life Aboard the Viking Warship The Sea Stallion.

Thilde’s post was recieved so well by the community and really set the tone for the rest of the Setting Sail week.

On day 2, Rowena shared her post on the Galloway Hoard, a really significant and interesting find you can learn all about, including some mysterious dirt balls:

Analysis has shown that these balls contain tiny particles of gold and shattered bone

On day 3, I shared a feature I’d written about Repton and the Great Heathen Army. A place close to home, 200 skeletons were uncovered in the grounds of the medieval church, including a warrior who met a gruesome end…

Day 4 meant it was time for Bullshit and Battleaxes, a post by J. C. Duncan which was extremely popular. In it, he dispels some of the myths surrounding the Viking era weaponry and armour.

The next nail in the ‘Viking sword’ coffin is that most warriors would not have owned swords at all during the era of the Viking raids in the late 9th and early 10th centuries. Swords were a rich man’s weapon, and mostly as a sidearm after his spear was gone or broken.

On day 5, Shauna Lawless shared a brilliant piece on the Vikings in Ireland, which was really enlightening. A great introduction that leaves you wanting to research further.

The Viking arrivals and the Irish did integrate – perhaps more quickly than they did with the English. Why?

Day 6 felt like a real coup for the blog and Norsevember with popular historical fiction author Giles Kristian joining us for an interview to talk Vikings, which was predictably fun and insightful.

I wanted to try to capture the fear that these warbands must have inspired in those who witnessed their longships slewing up the shingle, disgorging wild-eyed, axe and spear-wielding warriors who feared neither death in battle nor the Christian God.

We rounded off the first week of Norsevember on day 7 with an interview with Tim Hardie. It was great to have Tim feature as his debut Hall of Bones is a SPFBO finalist. It was nice to introduce new readers to his work and learn more about an author who is set to make an impact in the self published fantasy community.

Special thanks to Tim who was due to be featured in week 2 and was happy for his post to be moved forwards. Rowena’s post on the Vikings in Orkney is still coming, but there’s a slight delay due to some computer problems – it will be worth the wait!

Also worth the wait will be Christian Cameron’s Norse #writingfighting video. This one is all down to me – I’ve had the video well in advance of the post, but I’ve so far been unsuccessful actually putting it on to the blog. I’m currently working with Christian to have this on YouTube and then embed it on my post, so you’ll be getting this one soon.

Anything Else?


Sue Bavey has been busy getting into the Norsevember zone, and has produced a Cover Credentials series especially for Norsevember, in which she looks at Norse book covers and speaks to the authors about the artwork. A great idea! Her first cover credentials post looked at Cat Rector’s Goddess of Nothing at all and The Hanged God Trilogy by Thilde Kold Holdt.

She also hosted a really enjoyable Indie Spotlight with Sverrir Sigurdsson, a Viking voyager memoirist, that I recommend you check out.

Bob Freeman shared his introduction to Norsevember post:

Joseph shared his Norse playlist:

Eric Schumacher shared the brilliant Viking Age News which features many of the Norsevember posts and all the new Viking related news you need!

Bob Freeman shared 4 books he’d recommend for Norsevember:

Josh Gillingham shared his first in a series of Norse restaurants and breweries from around the world, this time interviewing John Hyatt from Gifts of the Wyrd Pocast. Find out where this one is here!

Alessia shared her awesome artwork of Idunn:

And finally, I featured on the Gifts of the Wyrd Podcast to introduce Norsevember, which was a lot of fun!

Search Norsevember on Twitter and scroll by ‘latest’ to find hundreds of other posts from people taking part and talking about their love of all things Norse! Thanks for stopping by.

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