The Children of Gods and Fighting Men – Cover Reveal

Hi everyone! I have a new cover reveal today, and I’m genuinely excited and honoured to be sharing it with you.

The book cover belongs to The Children of Gods and Fighting Men by Shauna Lawless. Those familiar with my Norsevember event may have read Shauna’s excellent post on the Vikings in Ireland, in which case you’ll already be aware that she knows her stuff. You might also be pleased to discover she’s written a whole novel set in 10th century Ireland, published from AdAstra/Head of Zeus on September 1st. Read on to find out more about the book and author, how you can preorder, and of course see the stunning cover art from Micaela Alcaino (@micaelaalcaino).

The Author

Shauna Lawless is an avid reader of Irish mythology and folklore. As an Irish woman, she loves that Irish mythology has inspired so many stories over the years, however, she wanted to explore the history and mythology of Ireland in a more authentic way. She lives in Northern Ireland with her family. Follow Shauna on twitter @shaunaLwrites – or on her blog and website at

The Synopsis

The first in a gripping new historical fantasy series that intertwines Irish mythology with real-life history, The Children of Gods and Fighting Men is the thrilling debut novel by Shauna Lawless.

They think they’ve killed the last of us…

981 AD. The Viking King of Dublin is dead. His young widow, Gormflaith, has ambitions for her son – and herself – but Ireland is a dangerous place and kings tend not to stay kings for long. Gormflaith also has a secret. She is one of the Fomorians, an immortal race who can do fire-magic. She has kept her powers hidden at all costs, for there are other immortals in this world – like the Tuatha Dé Danann, a race of warriors who are sworn to kill Fomorians.

Fódla is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann with the gift of healing. Her kind dwell hidden in a fortress, forbidden to live amongst the mortals. Fódla agrees to help her kin by going to spy on Brian Boru, a powerful man who aims to be High King of Ireland. She finds a land on the brink of war – a war she is desperate to stop. However, preventing the loss of mortal lives is not easy with Ireland in turmoil and the Fomorians now on the rise…

Sounds fantastic, right? I’m personally really excited to read it and fortunately you can preorder it now, ahead of its September 1st release, including from:

Amazon UK


Amazon US

Highlander meets The Last Kingdom as feuding clans of magical undying vie for control of tenth-century Ireland in this assured and captivating debut. Themes of motherhood and conflicted obligation lie at the heart of Shauna Lawless’s historical fantasy, explored through the eyes of two powerful women compelled to navigate a land where men hold sway, or think they do. I was hooked from page one‘ — Anthony Ryan

The Cover Reveal

Look at that for a beautiful cover.

The colour combination and art style is really striking; it gives the cover such a classy look whilst really evoking those themes of mythology and history. Micaela Alcaino has done a phenomenal job with its design and I love it.

And for a closer look…

So, who else loves the cover? Are you thinking of buying it? Feel free to talk further in the comments or on Twitter!


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