Negalyod: The God Network – Review

Author – Vincent Perriot

Pages – 208

Publishing Information – Titan Comics, 19th July 2022.

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The One Sentence Review

A beautifully illustrated and coloured graphic novel set in an intriguing dinosaur dystopia.

The Blurb

Negalyod follows dinosaur shepherd, Jarri, as he joins a rebel group intent on destroying the totalitarian government that controls his dystopian world. Perfect for fans of Jurassic World!

In a post-apocalyptic far future/alternate world, dinosaurs roam the desolate land, while the last denizens of humanity survive together in technological cities run by a military regime. Jarri, a loner who shepherds a group of dinosaurs, travels to the city when his herd is murdered. There he becomes involved with a rebel group who defy the totalitarian society, and uncovers a conspiracy that reveals the true nature of the world they live in. What he finds will change his life forever…

The Full Review

Negalyod: The God Network will definitely appeal to people who love dinosaurs and the Mad Max type of post apocalyptic or dystopian societies.

The illustrations and colours are gorgeous and I found myself really staring at some of the pages for a while, picking out the design and detail and appreciating the imagination behind it.

There is an ‘orange and blue’ feel due to the book being set in the desert, and this can work in its favour when you add in scenes in different locations. When you then get a contrast of striking greens and purples it really stands out and I enjoyed the injection of different colours every so often, between the dusty desert vistas.

The use of shadows, the contrasts between the storyboard sizes and the sheer amount of scope in some of the bigger illustrations is really beautiful. If you get the hardback especially, it’s a real gem in the hands and when you have it open with those wide landscapes and gorgeous looking dinosaurs it’s a definite head turner and one you won’t just flick through at a pace. If you do, you won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of the design, which would be a real shame.

One of the things I like most about graphic novels is that when there are grand ideas and alot of striking imagery, you can really get a feel for what the author imagined in a way your own imagination might not always do justice to. Without such things (like there are here) as flying machines, dinosaurs, massive plains and intricate cityscapes, a graphic novel is going to be limited as for me, it’s first aim should probably be to be visually pleasing. And boy is this book visually pleasing!

For those readers to whom the character(s) is the most important aspect, they may find Negalyod comes up short. Our protagonist Jarri, a dinosaur shepherd suffers a catastrophic loss in the first few pages when his herd of triceratops are wiped out. We’re meant to relate to him and feel sorry for him, but I never really did. Jarri then sets off to get revenge on those responsible, and whilst I was able to share his anger it was for the act itself rather than an empathy with the character. Perhaps his narrative voice just wasn’t strong enough for me, or I guess for lack of a better word his story just felt a little flat. This is the case for much of the book, and for the dialogue in general, which didn’t always feel authentic.

Unfortunately this means the story and characters never really have you desperate to find out what happens next. I did enjoy the relationship between Jarri and his Stygimoloch dinosaur mount, Stygo.

The actual overarching story elements with the sci-fi stuff like the suggested God Network however is very interesting and intriguing and with more focus on this would have been more gripping as a whole. I still found myself very curious to learn more about the fallen civilisation and present day world. In this respect, the world created here would make a great open world video game or movie.

When I think back on the book as a whole in conclusion, it’s the intriguing world, absolutely breathtaking scenery and brilliantly designed dinosaurs that stand out in the memory, rather than the characters. It’s one in which you really enjoy the overall experience (especially the visual treat) even if perhaps other aspects could be improved upon. There is loads of potential and with a little more work on the script and character development in the next book, Perriot will have something with real lasting appeal on his hands.

What type of graphic novel you enjoy, and which elements you put highest on your checklist will dictate how much you will enjoy Negalyod. If you’re a big dinosaur fan, they look incredible and that alone is a massive pull.

Thankyou to Titan Comics for this beautiful copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

You can buy Negalyod here!

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