The Bloggers Spotlight – Part 6

Hi all, it’s been a while!

Twitter engagement feels like it’s gone downhill and those fun conversations and discussions about books just aren’t happening as much.

Fortunately, there are still some amazing people in the SFF book community and if you have a look, those great posts and interesting tweets are still happening – they’re just hidden amongst ads and strange algorithms. Here are another 5 great bloggers or people in the community to add to your lists:

Indie Book Spotlight

Rebecca Crunden at Indie Book Spotlight does more for the SFF indie scene than anyone else I know of.

She is a must follow for finding quality indie books and being generally nice person who supports indie authors. For an account with a lot of followers, you can also be sure to gather support and engagement from Indie Book Spotlight when you share your own posts.


P L Stuart

P L Stuart is actually a writer himself, with his Drowned Kingdom books being very popular in the fantasy community.

Rather than only promote his own work though, he’s a champion of other indie authors and regularly shares really cool looking books, promoting other authors and their work. Be sure to follow him to find some excellent books (and maybe check his out too while you’re there?)




Ben always has creative ideas and a passion for book related events. He also started a beloved discord server (SFF Oasis) that bought so many people a lot of happiness, some amazing author interviews and book recommendations. He also happens to be one of the most genuinely nice people I have ever known.

I admire this guy so much for dozens of reasons and you definitely need to give him a follow!



Lena always promotes amazing books and has fantastic bookish tastes. She’s a really supportive blogger who will interact and engage with your posts and works hard on her own reviews.

Another genuinely lovely person who will brighten your timeline. A real superstar!



Tommye is someone I’ve only just started interacting with but I’ve checked out his blog and it’s already becoming so successful.

Tommye’s is a twitter and blog you have to follow to be up to date on some of the best authors and books. If you’re looking to get into fantasy author interviews, The Fantasy Review ran by Tommye is the best place to go!


The Fantasy Review


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