Wildlife Anatomy – Review

Author – Julia Rothman

Pages – 208

Genre – Wildlife and Nature

Publishing Information – Storey Publishing, 04/04/23

The Blurb

Julia Rothman’s series of Anatomy books (549,000 copies in print) are beloved by children and adults alike. In Wildlife Anatomy, Rothman captures the excitement and distinctive attributes of wild animals around the world. The book is packed with hundreds of her charming, original illustrations, detailing the unique features of animals of the rainforest, desert, grasslands, oceans, and much more. From lions, bears, and zebras to monkeys, mongoose, bats, elephants, giraffes, hippos, and much more, Rothman’s visual guide covers all the key features, right down to the anatomy of a lion’s claw and a wild horse’s hoof. All the illustrations are accompanied by labels, intriguing facts, and identifying details, such as: When is a Panther Not a Panther? and What Makes Aardvarks So Odd? Rothman’s characteristic combination of curiosity and an artist’s eye makes this wildlife treasury rich and full, and promises new discoveries every time it’s opened.


Julia Rothman’s Wildlife Anatomy is a beautiful book. It’s going to be one that’s equally at home on the coffee table or in the family bookshelf to refer back to for years to come.

In terms of family, I’d say it’s accessible to everyone though will be appreciated by children from around 7 or 8 years up. Despite this, younger children will enjoy looking at the gorgeous pictures and being read to some of the simpler facts. I’m a parent myself with a lifelong interest in nature and there was still so much for me to learn about and interest me here, so I think the author has really nailed it in terms of producing a wildlife book that really can appeal to all ages.

A lot of thought and care has gone into making the book flow really nicely between the various themes and picking interesting categories. The illustrations really are fantastic, too. The same care has gone into fact-checking (just one small error in which the Tiger shark bio has a picture of a Sand Tiger Shark – similar name, different shark.) There was so much I learnt about animals I thought I knew a lot about already and fascinating related species. Rothman is adept at showing what a diverse range of wildlife there is and how unique some of these amazing animals are.

Something important this book achieves is highlighting the need for the conservation of these animals and the sheer wonder we are lucky enough to have in our natural world, a wonder that needs to be cherished and protected. The author successfully does this without ever being preachy – she lets the interesting facts and wholesome feel of this book do that by itself.

This book is such a lovely read I would go as far as to suggest it could ignite a love of nature with the discovery and amazement you can find within its pages, or remind someone who already feels that way of why exactly they love wildlife and nature so much. Most people regardless of prior knowledge will also find things to learn and be amazed at all over again.

This would make a perfect gift or a little treat to yourself.

Thankyou to the author and published for allowing me to read this book on Netgalley in return for my honest review.


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