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This is your Norsevember homepage hub.

Here you can find all the Norsevember resources from every year including everything posted on the blog during the event aswell as blogger reviews and posts. Keep track of everything right here – updated daily!


Year 1

Official Schedule


Norsevember Reads!

Looking to Norsevember – what to expect

1. Gods & Mythology

The Northern Wrath Special including Interview with Thilde Kold Holdt

Meet the Norse Gods!

Norse Mythology and Death

Journey through the 9 worlds…

An Interview with Genevieve Gornichec

Truth and Other Lies: A Guest Post from Lyra Wolf

Where Does Our Understanding of Norse Mythology Come From?

2. Norse Culture

An Interview with Fjorn the Skald

Viking Women: An Interview with Jóhanna Katrín Friðriksdóttir

Norse Stores and Gift Ideas: Creations from Around the World

An Interview with Ian Stuart Sharpe

The Norse Way of Life

Viking Influences Today: Movies, Music and Games

3. The Vikings

Warriors and Weapons

An Interview with Joshua Gillingham

The Viking Longship

The Vikings in Battle!

An Interview with Scott Oden

Viking Explorers

Sagas of the Shield Maiden – A Preview

The End of the Viking Era

4. People & Places

An Interview with C. R. May

Who was the real Ragnar Lodbrok?

Harald Hardrada and the Battle of Stamford Bridge

Places to Visit for Norse History and Culture

An Interview with Dr. Marianne Hem Eriksen

21st Century Heathen Boy – a Guest Post by Bjørn Larssen

An Interview with Hannah Long

Year 2

Official Schedule

1. Setting Sail

Aboard a reconstructed Viking warship

Community Content

Bjørn Larssen

My Norse Gods: Freya

Beneath a Thousand Skies

Norse Inspired Anime

Books & Chocaholic

Norsevember Vlog Week 1

Coffee, Book and Candle

National Ginger Day: Norse Edition

The Dragons of Norse Mythology

Eric Schumacher

Vikings, Estonians and the Way East

Kelly Evans

Norse learning articles

Liv J Hooper

Book haul and purchases from Raven forge! (Booktube)

Norse Reading Part 1: Norse Texts (Booktube)

Norse Reading Part 2: Norse Myths (Booktube)

Norse Reading Part 3: Norse Non Fiction (Booktube)

Norse Reading Part 4: Norse Fiction (Booktube)

Reading the Runes: Viking Symbols and Norse History

Occult Detective

Hammer in the Morning

My thoughts on The Wanderer’s Hávamál

Norsevember Comics

Sue Bavey

Cover Credentials – Northern Wrath & The Goddess of Nothing At All

The Thirteenth Shelf

Artist Showcase: Johan Egerkrans

Literary Finds: Beautiful Norse Inspired Items

Music Theme: Norse Tracks

We Hae Books

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Norse Poetry

Ragnarok TV Series

The Treaty of Perth and Norse Legacy in the Northern Isles

Blogger Reviews


Abercrombie, Joe – Half a King

Portable Magic

Conley, Lee C – A Ritual of Bone

Beneath a Thousand Skies

FanFiAddict – Traveling Cloak

Spells & Spaceships

Farmer, Nancy – The Sea of Trolls

Coffee, Book and Candle

Gillingham, Joshua – The Gatewatch

Spells & Spaceships

Sue’s Musings

Gornichec, Genevieve – The Witch’s Heart

Raccoon Awards

Greylock, T. L – The Blood-Tainted Winter

Sue’s Musings

Harris, Joanne M. – The Gospel of Loki

We Hae Books

Harris, Joanne M. – The Testament of Loki

Sue’s Musings

We Hae Books

Holdt, Thilde Kold – Northern Wrath

Beneath a Thousand Skies

Ben’s Blurb (YouTube)



FanFiAddict – Traveling Cloak

Infinite Speculation

Lyra Wolf

Spells & Spaceships

Sue’s Musings

The Coy Caterpillar

The Swordsmith

Larssen, Bjørn – Children

Beneath a Thousand Skies

Lyra Wolf

Sue’s Musings

The Coy Caterpillar

The Swordsmith

Larssen, Bjørn – Storytellers

Sue’s Musings

Levenseller, Tricia – Warrior of the Wild

FanFiAddict – Traveling Cloak

Maas, Sarah J. – House of Earth and Blood

Coffee, Book and Candle

Oden, Scott – A Gathering of Ravens

Lyra Wolf

Paxson, Diana L. – Odin

Occult Detective

Rayne, A. E – Winter’s Fury

The Coy Caterpillar

Riordan, Rick – 9 from the 9 worlds

Coffee, Book and Candle

Riordan, Rick – The Sword of Summer

Coffee, Book and Candle

Short, Jordan Loyal – The Skald’s Black Verse

Spells & Spaceships

Simon, Francesca – The Monstrous Child

We Hae Books

Tucholke, April Genevieve – The Boneless Mercies

An Average Life

Young, Adrienne – Sky in the Deep

Coffee, Book and Candle

Historical Fiction

Christian, Giles – Raven Blood Eye

Spells & Spaceships

Cornwell, Bernard – The Last Kingdom

FanFiAddict – David S

Cornwell, Bernard – Lords of the North


Cornwell, Bernard – Sword Song


History & Mythology

Buick, Jesse L. (Ed.) – The Saga of the Volsungs (Penguin Classic Edition)

We Hae Books

Cummings, Mabel H. – Asgard Stories

Sue’s Musings

Fridriksdottir, Johanna Katrin – Valkyrie: The Women of the Viking World

Portable Magic

Gaiman, Neil – Norse Mythology

Coffee, Book and Candle – Kori

Coffee, Book and Candle – Jordan


Spells & Spaceships

The Coy Caterpillar

We Hae Books

Kincaid, Ingrid – Lost Teachings of the Runes

Occult Detective

Oliver, Neil – Vikings

Jack’s Bedtime Reading

The Orkneyinga Saga

We Hae Books

Pilkington, Brian – The Yule Lads A Celebration of Iceland’s Christmas Folklore

Sue’s Musings

Thorsson, Edred – The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic

Occult Detective

Winroth, Anders – The Age of the Vikings

The Thirteenth Shelf


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  1. I’ve got Theodore’s Brunn HF series based on the Vikings, I’ll tweet it when I’m done, can it be added to the HF section here or do I need to simply put it under the Norsevember tag? 🙂

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