An Interview with Hannah Long

Hannah, hello and welcome to the blog and the Norsevember event! It’s great to have you here. Your adult fantasy debut, Hall of Smoke is out in just a couple of months (19th Jan 2021). It’s been described as “Epic fantasy featuring warrior priestesses and fickle gods at war.” What sort of readers do youContinue reading “An Interview with Hannah Long”

21st Century Heathen Boy

A guest post by Bjørn Larssen Alex: just before you read Bjørn’s excellent post, a head’s up – his highly acclaimed novel, ‘Children’ is free on Kindle unlimited or available to buy for the price of a coffee! Get it here. A long time ago, when I was still holding on to the idea thatContinue reading “21st Century Heathen Boy”

An Interview with Dr. Marianne Hem Eriksen

It is with great pleasure I can share my interview with Dr. Marianne Hem Eriksen, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Oslo! Hi Marianne, thank you for taking part in this Norse themed event! I think I can speak on behalf of everyone taking part in saying it’s a pleasure to have someone of yourContinue reading “An Interview with Dr. Marianne Hem Eriksen”

Places to Visit for Norse History & Culture

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this Norsevember event – maybe you’ve learnt something new or even developed a brand new interest in all things Norse. Books are great (obviously) but what is also incomparable is getting a flavour of something up close or experiencing something yourself, if you are able to. For this reason, I’ve compiled aContinue reading “Places to Visit for Norse History & Culture”

Harald Hardrada and The Battle of Stamford Bridge

1066 is one of the most memorable years in European history. Amongst the general public and casual history readers, this will be purely due to The Battle of Hastings on 14th October – when William, Duke of Normandy defeated the Anglo-Saxon king, Harold Godwinson. The Norman invasion shaped the future of England and the BritishContinue reading “Harald Hardrada and The Battle of Stamford Bridge”

Who was the real Ragnar Lodbrok?

The name Ragnar Lodbrok is now known amongst so many due to the success and popularity of the tv series Vikings, starring Travis Fimmel as Ragnar. In the show he’s called Ragnar Lothbrok, but potato potato – the spellings are all different as is common for references to come out of the medieval period andContinue reading “Who was the real Ragnar Lodbrok?”

An Interview with C R May

Today for Norsevember we have C. R. May, author of a number of highly rated historical fiction novels, including his Erik Haraldsson (Bloodaxe) and Beowulf series. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to the blog, Cliff! What is it that inspired you to write about Erik Haraldsson specifically? Were there other people you were consideringContinue reading “An Interview with C R May”

Sagas of the Shield Maiden – A Preview

Hello fellow #Norsevember readers. My name is Asa Wheatley and I am the writer behind the recently released comic Sagas of the Shield Maiden. I want to start by thanking Alex for very kindly letting me talk about Sagas of the Shield Maiden as part of the fantastic event that is #Norsevember. So let’s getContinue reading “Sagas of the Shield Maiden – A Preview”