Review Requests

Please note: I am having to cut down on accepting review requests and unfortunately will have to politely reject the majority of them at the current time – thanks in advance for understanding.*

*if you’re an author I’ve previously given a 5 star review to and would like me to review your next work please do keep in touch.

I am a UK based blogger and I review:

  • Adult Fantasy
  • Adult Science Fiction

I will on occasion also review, but am more picky about:

  • Historical fiction
  • Horror
  • Non fiction in the genres of history, crime, the natural world, evolution, culture and the human mind.

I am not currently reviewing:

  • Young Adult targeted SFF
  • Romance
  • Middle Grade
  • Horror or crime with a storyline/focus on rape, torture, terrorism, domestic or child abuse
  • ‘Chosen One’ storylines – sorry it’s just a trope I’m a bit fatigued by at the minute.

Thanks for understanding!

Please send all requests to

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