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Negalyod: The God Network – Review

Author – Vincent Perriot Pages – 208 Publishing Information – Titan Comics, 19th July 2022. Buy here! The One Sentence Review A beautifully illustrated and coloured graphic novel set in an intriguing dinosaur dystopia. The Blurb Negalyod follows dinosaur shepherd, Jarri, as he joins a rebel group intent on destroying the totalitarian government that controlsContinue reading “Negalyod: The God Network – Review”

When the Wolf Comes – A Tabletop RPG! – a chat with Ian Sharpe

Ian Sharpe has been one of my guests on Spells & Spaceships before – you can read our Q&A from Norsevember 2020 here. Sharpe has written extensively about his alternate Vikingverse, a parallel timeline where the Norse rule seas and stars with restless fleets and Christianity has been put to the Viking sword. His titlesContinue reading “When the Wolf Comes – A Tabletop RPG! – a chat with Ian Sharpe”