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It’s Loki Day!

The majority of people are now familiar with the name Loki, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite sharing some similarities, Marvel’s Loki is not the Loki from Norse mythology, who is arguably much more entertaining than the one who fights the Avengers. Today aims to spread knowledge, inform, enjoy and celebrate the polarising figureContinue reading “It’s Loki Day!”

A Study in Loki

By Ben Galley Who in Hel is Loki? Loki. The now-infamous god of mischief. I grew up reading about him in books of mythology and fairytales when I was knee-high. A little older, I read Marvel comics that featured Loki, and always there was a twinkle of something special and different about the character, evenContinue reading “A Study in Loki”

Looks Like Loki

A Very Queer Theological Reflection By Suzanne Martin There’s been a whole lot of Norse themed popular culture in the last few years: fiction books, graphic novels, artwork, statuary, not to mention a big dollop in the interlocked MCU and the preceding and ongoing comics and graphic novels. Roleplayers, cosplayers, geeks, authors, bloggers and theContinue reading “Looks Like Loki”