An Interview with Tim Hardie

Hi everyone! Today I’m delighted to present to you an interview with fantasy and Norse inspired author Tim Hardie, whose debut Hall of Bones is in the SPFBO final this year! About Tim I grew up in the seaside town of Southport in the north west of England during the 1970s and 1980s. This wasContinue reading “An Interview with Tim Hardie”

An Interview with Giles Kristian

Hi Norsevember folks. Today I’m excited to share with you my interview with historical fiction author Giles Kristian! Giles Kristian is an English novelist, known for his action adventure novels in the historical fiction genre. He is best known for his Raven series, about a young man’s coming of age amongst a band of VikingContinue reading “An Interview with Giles Kristian”

Bullshit and Battleaxes

Myths and reality of Norse armour and weaponry. By J. C. Duncan You cannot watch a Viking film or TV show or see any pop culture reference to them without being bombarded with anachronisms. Books are generally better, but not always. I always believed myself to be fairly well educated on the subject and cynicalContinue reading “Bullshit and Battleaxes”

Repton and the Great Heathen Army

I live near a small village called Repton. You might actually be more familiar with it than you might have been a couple of years ago if you’re a gamer; it’s featured heavily in the Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla video game. Of course, it’s historically inaccurate but I appreciated the reference. Modern day Repton is expensiveContinue reading “Repton and the Great Heathen Army”

Shackled Fates – Review

A stunning journey through friendship, pain, strength, death, love and mythology; a story worthy of Asgard’s full attention. How could anything surpass Northern Wrath, one of my favourite ever books? I guess I’m going to have to explain how indeed with this review, because Shackled Fates is mind-blowingly brilliant. Again, as with Northern Wrath, ThildeContinue reading “Shackled Fates – Review”

Creation – Review

Creation is a fun read that doesn’t take itself too seriously (though asks serious questions), with some clever references and Larssen’s trademark wit making this an entertaining start to the ‘Why Odin Drinks’ series. Bjørn Larssen returns with a new short story series called ‘Why Odin Drinks’ – I think from the series title aloneContinue reading “Creation – Review”

The Return of #Norsevember

If you haven’t heard, Norsevember is returning this winter in full. I talked earlier in the year about reducing the full month schedule down to one week (which became two, which then went back up to four). It’s now actually going to be bigger than last year’s event. It turns out we are a longContinue reading “The Return of #Norsevember”

The Norsevember Badge Collection

After the success of the SFF badge collection 2021, I am pleased to present something new for this year’s Norsevember; the Norsevember Badge Collection! It’s a way to add a little something extra to the event that encourages people to take part but also benefit from it and learn new things. I hope you likeContinue reading “The Norsevember Badge Collection”

Farewell Norsevember: The Round-up

Well, this is the last Norsevember post! It’s going to consist of a few reflections from me, a look at some of the high points of the event, some of the cool stuff people have shared that you might not have seen – and some special things I haven’t revealed so far + a fewContinue reading “Farewell Norsevember: The Round-up”