Fantasy & Sci-Fi Ebook Blitz!

Just a quick post today – it’s my responsibility to add to your TBR. Any chance I get I’ll take it. And this is one such opportunity I just have to share because it features loads of great self published authors offering their SFF books for just 99c/99p for a short duration! (Until August 7th)

This has been set up by Noor Al-Shanti, and every recommendation has come from another respected author/blogger who loved it. There are 29 in total including the each of the books from The Wildfire Cycle by D.P. Woolliscroft, Fortune’s Fool by Angela Boord and Spit & Song by Travis Riddle. Plus loads more excellent books from various sub categories!

You can check out the full list as well as more information here! You can literally get 29 books for $28.71/£28.71 if you so choose to, so if anything grabs you, no would be the time to buy in this great opportunity.

I haven’t checked that the full list is available on Amazon UK on this deal but the handful I checked were!


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