The Bloggers Spotlight – Part 6

Hi all, it’s been a while! Twitter engagement feels like it’s gone downhill and those fun conversations and discussions about books just aren’t happening as much. Fortunately, there are still some amazing people in the SFF book community and if you have a look, those great posts and interesting tweets are still happening – they’reContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight – Part 6”

Slaughtered Gods – Review

Author – Thilde Kold Holdt Pages – 656 Publishing Information – October 22nd 2022, Solaris. Genre – Historical Fantasy & Mythology The One Sentence Review Slaughtered Gods is a stunning finale to the Hanged God trilogy; love, loss, teeth, beasts, axe-blades, fire, Gods and darkness collide in a dramatic and worthy depiction of Ragnarök. TheContinue reading “Slaughtered Gods – Review”

A Q&A with Kaitlin Felix, author of ‘Rán’s Daughters’!

Hi everyone, it is my pleasure today to introduce a Q&A with Kaitlin Felix, who has an awesome looking new Norse novel to reveal to you very soon! Check out the Q&A below between Kaitlin and Josh Gillingham (author of The Gatewatch and joint editor of Althingi: The Crescent and the Northern Star). Kaitlin’s shortContinue reading “A Q&A with Kaitlin Felix, author of ‘Rán’s Daughters’!”

Pairing Paws – Review

Author – Michele Gargiulo Pages – 132 Publishing Information – Sommelier Stories Press, October 2022. Hi all! A few weeks ago, sommelier* Michele Gargiulo approached me to review her book, Pairing Paws: Dog Breeds and their Spirit Wines. This was a really novel opportunity to review a book a little different than the usual fictionContinue reading “Pairing Paws – Review”

When the Wolf Comes – A Tabletop RPG! – a chat with Ian Sharpe

Ian Sharpe has been one of my guests on Spells & Spaceships before – you can read our Q&A from Norsevember 2020 here. Sharpe has written extensively about his alternate Vikingverse, a parallel timeline where the Norse rule seas and stars with restless fleets and Christianity has been put to the Viking sword. His titlesContinue reading “When the Wolf Comes – A Tabletop RPG! – a chat with Ian Sharpe”

A Fantasy Blogger’s Guide to the Trees of Europe

How often have you read a book that mentions a specific species of tree, or even a whole forest, and you breeze on past, vaguely picturing a bit of greenery as you go? Maybe some of you have done so from time to time. As it happens though, trees and the natural environment can giveContinue reading “A Fantasy Blogger’s Guide to the Trees of Europe”

The Children of Gods and Fighting Men – Cover Reveal

Hi everyone! I have a new cover reveal today, and I’m genuinely excited and honoured to be sharing it with you. The book cover belongs to The Children of Gods and Fighting Men by Shauna Lawless. Those familiar with my Norsevember event may have read Shauna’s excellent post on the Vikings in Ireland, in whichContinue reading “The Children of Gods and Fighting Men – Cover Reveal”

To binge read or not to binge read?

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people talking about binge-reading a book series. I’m no stranger to the binge. I binge-watched Vikings, Spartacus, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones & (secretly, over the top of a book) Glee. I’ve watched the extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back (11.4Continue reading “To binge read or not to binge read?”