Looking to Norsevember: Everything you need to know.

Tomorrow kicks off the #Norsevember event. This post will run you through everything you need to know. First of all, if you’ve been reading Norse books for the past two months, make sure to post your reviews if you have them during the event to score points!

Tomorrow also marks the start of Sci-Fi month, which promises to be an epic and fantastic event. Due to my heavy workload for Norsevember I won’t be getting as involved as I would have been but I will have a review on it’s way, and if you enjoy Sci-Fi I’d certainly recommend getting involved in that aswell!

For those taking part in Norsevember or just watching from the sidelines: welcome! I hope you have a blast.

Weekly Schedules

We have a weekly schedule for each of the 4 weeks which is to be revealed 1 week prior, which will outline most of the posts and events taking place during that week. I’m proud to say there is at least 1 post every single day from the blog!

The Schedule for Week 1. We also have a guest post about the Norse God Baldur coming from the Northern Myths podcast!

We have a loose theme for each week if you do want to follow a theme, with posts generally centred around that theme, with some exceptions. Week 1 is Gods & Mythology, followed by Norse Culture & Society, The Vikings and People & Places, followed by a look forward to what you can pick up next year. Maybe a couple of special surprise giveaways too.

Each week we have at least one physical giveaway, usually more – many of which are international. Anyone is welcome to the event, though most of the giveaways require at least two one Norsevember related post or review to qualify. You can officially sign up for the event too for which there are a couple of sign ups only giveaways (no personal details necessary) – here. You also get your own Longship; see below.

You are encouraged to share any Norse related artwork, poetry, Instagram posts, short stories, insights, Norse related blog posts or craftwork you’ve created. Anything like this posted during the month with the hashtag counts towards your final total. You’ll earn 1 point for each submission as well as 1 point for each Norse inspired book read between August 30th and November 30th. Can anyone reach the rank of Kongur?

As well as the read-a-thon and taking part, we also have blogger reviews, interviews with authors, creators and historians, guest posts and more to keep you entertained, so it’s fine if you just want to watch on or add to your TBR.

That’s all, any questions, let me know! I hope you really enjoy the month of #Norsevember!


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