A request from me to you…

This isn’t a post about books, or anything science fiction or fantasy – however I would really, really appreciate it if you’d take a couple of minutes to read my post today. Thankyou so much.

The UK government announced a £100 million rescue package for zoos to help them care for animals and survive the Coronavirus pandemic. Just £3millon of this has actually been released to mainly small zoos.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the government help extends only to privately owned zoos; charity, not-for-profit zoos have not been given this luxury and were only given enough to extend their survival by a month or two.

My local zoo was struggling badly during initial restrictions and now after an indefinite lockdown period they are looking at the very plausible and tragic reality that they may not survive much longer.

They have already used all their reserves and money for future conservation projects just to stay afloat.

I understand there is vocal opposition to zoos and in theory I do not support all of them. Twycross Zoo however is non-profit and is passionately working to aid conservation efforts around the world and to stop critically endangered animals from going extinct.

It is the only UK zoo to care for all 4 of the great apes.

It helps conservation efforts for critically endangered species such as the Sumatran Tiger, Eastern Black Rhino and the Amur Leopard; only 40-70 of these beautiful creatures survive in the wild.

Many of the zoo’s other animals are also part of Conservation Breeding Programmes, contributing to vital work to prevent the extinction of various species. Catching a glimpse of many of these animals can kick start a love of the natural world for many young children (as it did for me when I was small) and a passion for caring about this planet’s future and the species that inhabit it.

A critically endangered Amur Leopard, born at Twycross Zoo

On a more personal level, this is one of the only places we have been able to visit as a family during the pandemic, when it was allowed to open. And the zoo did an absolutely amazing job of introducing measures at short notice to keep everybody safe. They’re not a zoo that has millions spare to spend on new things all the time but they make the best of what they’ve got and caring for their animals. Anything new they have managed to create over the last few years has always had animal welfare at the forefront – the Lemur walkthrough and the huge chimpanzee forest is amazing, and the rhinoceros has so much outdoor space.

Twycross Zoo having to close would be a disaster – for the local area, for the animals in the zoo, for the conservation efforts, the workers and the children who will grow up without a local zoo anywhere nearby to learn about the importance of caring for endangered species, the planet and all wildlife. There are no guarantees the animals would find new homes in the event of this and it is something particularly close to my heart.

Twycross Zoo Website

I don’t have a patreon, ‘buy me a coffee’ or any form of donation on my blog. If you’ve ever enjoyed any of the stuff I’ve created – such as Norsevember, or the SFF badge collection, or the authors and books I’ve recommended, or are just feeling charitable, I ask this one request of you:

If you are able to and find the cause something you would like to support, please help Twycross Zoo survive and donate what you can. They have an online shop including multiple adoption options and you can also donate by text message from the website.

The zoo also has a justgiving page to enable donations worldwide. It is relying on public support to survive.

Thankyou so much for reading.

Help Twycross Zoo survive the pandemic – Just Giving


3 thoughts on “A request from me to you…

  1. I absolutely love Twycross – it holds so many happy childhood memories for me and would be devastating if it had to close. Thanks for raising and highlighting the issue! ☺️

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