Fantasy Monster Week is nearly here!

Hi fantasy readers, I just thought I’d give you a little more info about fantasy monster week, 22nd til the 28th March.

It’s an event I thought up a few months ago and have been doing a bit of work towards here and there for the last few weeks, interviewing various authors and chatting about all things monster, organising some giveaways and monster features!

If you took part in or remember Norsevember, there were sign ups, detailed schedules and things to take part in well ahead of the event. This one is a little different, purely because it’s a week long event and you don’t need your own longship designing (thank the Gods!) – so this one is a little less time consuming for me, but a fair amount of work has already gone into it.

There’s an A-Z Bestiary to learn about monsters from around the world, multiple giveaways, dragons, mythology and creature features. Discover new self published authors and hear from some of those you already love – I’ve got an absolutely cracking line up.

What can you do to take part? Interacting with and reading the posts would be great, I’d also love it if we could get monster book recommendations during the week, any artwork you’ve done and perhaps even a few new reviews would top it off nicely, if you’re looking for something to read. Oh and of course, read about monsters during monster week!

There will be a schedule coming a few days before the event so keep your eyes out for it. Thanks!


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