Lightblade – Review

Author – Zamil Akhtar Pages – 516 Publishing Information – Self Published, The One Sentence Review A smart, surreal science fantasy with welcome Middle Eastern influences and a truly imaginative world. The Blurb In three days, Jyosh will slay the God Emperor, or die trying. But first he must train his lightblade skills. While asleep.Continue reading “Lightblade – Review”

The Junction – Review

Author – Norm Konyu Pages – 176 Publishing Information – Titan Comics, 12th April 2022. Graphic Novel | Fantasy, Mystery The Blurb When a missing child, Lucas Jones, reappears on his Uncle’s doorstep in his hometown of Medford after an absence of 12 years, the brief moment of joy is clouded by mystery. Where hasContinue reading “The Junction – Review”

A Touch of Light – Review

A thoroughly enjoyable and captivating debut that presents three equally exciting narratives in a dark but beautifully imagined world. Author – Thiago Abdalla Pages – 481 Publishing Information – Self Published, 1st March 2022 Thankyou to Escapist Book Tours and the author Thiago Abdalla for the opportunity to read this work in exchange for anContinue reading “A Touch of Light – Review”

Gunmetal Gods – Review

Zamil Akhtar’s dark and brutal Middle Eastern fantasy excites, horrifies and captivates in equal measure; a real triumph. Author – Zamil Akhtar Pages – 475 Publishing Information – Self Published Gunmetal Gods initially intrigued me with its striking cover art, and I looked into the author’s work. I signed up to his newsletter and downloadedContinue reading “Gunmetal Gods – Review”

Tales of Ioth – Review

Another incredible journey into the imagination of D. P. Woolliscroft; Tales of Ioth continues the exciting trajectory of this great series Author – D. P. Woolliscroft Pages – 243 Publishing Information – Self Published, 28th April 2020 If you’re here for the review of the 4th book in the Wildfire Cycle, you’re probably just makingContinue reading “Tales of Ioth – Review”

Death Rider – Review

A thoroughly entertaining, action packed and epic story packed into a novella sized bundle, radiating grimdark bleakness and imaginative ideas. Author: Zamil Akhtar Pages: 102 Publishing Information: Self Published, 14th October 2021 My head hurts… in a good way! There was so much to get my head around within the space of 100 pages withContinue reading “Death Rider – Review”

The Everspring – Review

The Everspring is an incredibly enjoyable comfort read with magical storytelling and adventurous imagination that is perfect for cosying up with, especially when it’s chilly outside. Author: Joshua Gillingham Pages: 320 Publishing Info: 2nd November 2022, Crowsnest Books You know when you really fancy a particular dish and it’s just as good as you’d hoped?Continue reading “The Everspring – Review”

Shackled Fates – Review

A stunning journey through friendship, pain, strength, death, love and mythology; a story worthy of Asgard’s full attention. How could anything surpass Northern Wrath, one of my favourite ever books? I guess I’m going to have to explain how indeed with this review, because Shackled Fates is mind-blowingly brilliant. Again, as with Northern Wrath, ThildeContinue reading “Shackled Fates – Review”

Creation – Review

Creation is a fun read that doesn’t take itself too seriously (though asks serious questions), with some clever references and Larssen’s trademark wit making this an entertaining start to the ‘Why Odin Drinks’ series. Bjørn Larssen returns with a new short story series called ‘Why Odin Drinks’ – I think from the series title aloneContinue reading “Creation – Review”

Ringlander: The Path and the Way- Review

An ambitious debut that takes all the right risks to create a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable epic fantasy with surprise (and welcome) science fantasy elements I was approached by Michael S. Jackson to review this book as part of his debut blog tour and I’m delighted to be involved, along with some excellent reviewers. I’dContinue reading “Ringlander: The Path and the Way- Review”