Creation – Review

Creation is a fun read that doesn’t take itself too seriously (though asks serious questions), with some clever references and Larssen’s trademark wit making this an entertaining start to the ‘Why Odin Drinks’ series.

Bjørn Larssen returns with a new short story series called ‘Why Odin Drinks’ – I think from the series title alone you can tell that this might be a lighter read than Children. That’s both content wise and book size – Creation is only around 70ish pages and so can be read in an hour or so for some, which is a nice palate cleanser when you’re used to reading 4 or 500+ page books.

This is a pretty unique book that I imagine will mostly attract the readers it’s probably aimed at. If you’re the type to be quite open minded and read widely, and don’t know anything about Norse mythology, maybe look it up for half an hour first? I do think you’d be (only slightly) more limited in your potential enjoyment otherwise. I only say this because you will experience more appreciation for one or two aspects of the story, and Odin’s character himself, if you are aware of at least the basics of Norse lore, because there are some really clever and funny nods and winks that may go over your head!

Odin suddenly remembered his dream. Nothing would ever eat him. Especially not some wolf.

Nevertheless, humour is universal and there is so much charm, wit and fun that fills the vast majority of this book that I am confident in saying anyone with a sense of humour can and will enjoy Creation.

Despite being a shorter book and the content being a humorous retelling, a lot of work has gone into actually making it work. There may be no need for complex plot arcs spanning 500 pages but the brain power to consistently make you laugh for 74 pages whilst also actually telling a story, adding heart and thought provoking questions too is a real skill. You’ll likely find yourself appreciating this craft whilst chuckling along.

This is an aspect I really appreciated myself, that whilst smiling I was also able to think about the questions Odin asks as someone new to, well, everything. It’s actually common for these questions to develop, and they do the further through the book you get.

Perhaps creation and destruction weren’t mutually exclusive; perhaps they needed each other

I personally found it continually more interesting and engaging the more I read, which of course coincided more world being created, or destroyed, by Odin and his brothers. Their conversations always entertain, and when we add humans to the mix later on things get even more entertaining (and thought provoking) with more questions being asked.

I’m going to really look forward to each book in the Why Odin Drinks series. Creation was a read that made me happy, it made me laugh and it thoroughly entertained!

Can’t wait for the next one.

Thanks to Bjørn Larssen and Storytellers on Tour for the opportunity to read this book. Check out the blog tour schedule below!

Ever woken up being a God, but not knowing how to God properly? Your brothers keep creating mosquitoes and celery and other, more threatening weapons. What can your ultimate answer be – the one that will make you THE All-Father and them, at best, the All-Those-Uncles-We-Don’t-Talk-About?

“FML! That answer’s why I drink!” – Odin

Perfect for fans of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury, and Mrs Brown’s Boys.


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