It’s Loki Day!

The majority of people are now familiar with the name Loki, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite sharing some similarities, Marvel’s Loki is not the Loki from Norse mythology, who is arguably much more entertaining than the one who fights the Avengers.

Today aims to spread knowledge, inform, enjoy and celebrate the polarising figure of the trickster God in the Norse lore, aswell as to look at perceptions of him amongst the heathen community and beyond.

There are 3 incredible posts by 4 brilliant people to share today, all of which can be found below. Please check them out, all 3 are relatively in depth and particularly interesting. I’m really excited to share! Thanks for reading

Loki: Reading Between the Lies

By Cat Rector and Lyra Wolf

A Study in Loki

By Ben Galley

Looks like Loki: A Very Queer Theological Reflection

By Suzanne Martin



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