Legends and Lattes – Review

Author – Travis Baldree Pages – 320 Publishing Information – Tor, 10th November 2022 I am bringing this review to you as part of the UK Tor Blog Tour. Thanks so much to UK Tor, Black Crow PR and the author Travis Baldree for giving me this opportunity to be part of the tour inContinue reading “Legends and Lattes – Review”


Fury of a Demon – Review

Fury of a Demon is an amazing finale to this incredible trilogy, one I didn’t want to end. That feeling you get when you have such high expectations for something and it absolutely delivers! I’m currently riding on that slowly descending wave of bittersweet contentment in having finished this trilogy, and the excellent Fury ofContinue reading “Fury of a Demon – Review”

Knight of the Silver Circle – Review

A second enjoyable entry to the Dragonslayer series that sticks with the formula that made the first book a fast-paced, fun read, whilst adding a few new elements to keep things fresh. Author – Duncan M HamiltonPages – 320 For those that either haven’t read book one, Dragonslayer (or my review for it) you mightContinue reading “Knight of the Silver Circle – Review”

Sorcery of a Queen – Review

Author – Brian Naslund Pages – 475 Format – Hardcover This is a review of the second book in The Dragons of Terra series. As such by necessity there will be some spoilers for book one – Blood of an Exile. Synopsis They called her the Witch Queen… Driven from her kingdom, the would-be queenContinue reading “Sorcery of a Queen – Review”

Blood of an Exile – Review

Author : Brian Naslund Pages: 416 Format: Hardcover Published by Tor Review Overview A splendid tale that combines a traditional heroic quest with political manoeuverings, characters you’ll love and moments to make you sit up in bed. I absolutely loved that the author settles dragons into the ecosystem of the world, and the knock onContinue reading “Blood of an Exile – Review”

Dragonslayer – Review

A fast paced ‘back to basics’ traditional fantasy tale that keeps the fun factor high. Author: Duncan M Hamilton Publisher: Tor Pages: 304 Rating: 4.5 stars (Rounded up to 5 on Goodreads/Amazon) Synopsis: With the dragons believed dead, the kingdom had no more need for dragonslayers. Drunk, disgraced, and all but forgotten, Guillot has longContinue reading “Dragonslayer – Review”