The Children of Gods and Fighting Men – Cover Reveal

Hi everyone! I have a new cover reveal today, and I’m genuinely excited and honoured to be sharing it with you. The book cover belongs to The Children of Gods and Fighting Men by Shauna Lawless. Those familiar with my Norsevember event may have read Shauna’s excellent post on the Vikings in Ireland, in whichContinue reading “The Children of Gods and Fighting Men – Cover Reveal”

Love, Death or Mermaid? Cover Reveal

Hi folks, I’m back with a new cover reveal to share with you today – it’s Love, Death or Mermaid? from fantasy author D. H. Willison! So, first thing… what is the book about? Opportunity knocks on the humblest of doors. But it knocks only once.When an overheard conversation leads to a hunt for aContinue reading “Love, Death or Mermaid? Cover Reveal”

The Lost War – Cover Reveal!

It’s a real privilege to present to you the brand new, redesigned cover for The Lost War by Justin Lee Anderson. This is the first book in Justin’s Eidyn fantasy trilogy with book two, The Insurgent King scheduled for release next year. It was only the third book I reviewed as a blogger late lastContinue reading “The Lost War – Cover Reveal!”

Amethyst Cover Reveal!

I’m thrilled to reveal the intriguing cover for Jesse Nolan Bailey’s novella, Amethyst. This is Jesse’s second release after the acclaimed The Jealousy of Jalice and even better, it is FREE on its release day today (24 September)! Jesse is a really nice guy so make sure you also follow him on social media (linksContinue reading “Amethyst Cover Reveal!”

A Ritual of Flesh – Cover Reveal! (& more info)

Author – Lee C Conley Release Date – October 10th, 2020. I’m genuinely really excited to share this cover reveal with you alongside Storytellers on Tour! I really enjoyed the first book in The Dead Sagas (A Ritual of Bone) which you can catch up with my review on here. I’ve made my own promotionalContinue reading “A Ritual of Flesh – Cover Reveal! (& more info)”

The Skald’s Black Verse – Cover Reveal!

I am delighted to present the fresh, brand new and awesome looking cover for Jordan Loyal Short’s ‘The Skald’s Black Verse’ What is a Skald, you ask? It’s an ancient Scandinavian word for a composer and reciter of poems honouring heroes and their deeds. As you can guess from the title though, this is noContinue reading “The Skald’s Black Verse – Cover Reveal!”

Best Foot Forward – An Excerpt

Day 191 One hundred and ninety-one days. That was how many days ago he’d lost his way. Like the truck whose tire blew out and crossed into oncoming traffic. Three cars were hit, one pancaked between the other two and the trucks—one behind them and the one whose tire blew out. The middle car heldContinue reading “Best Foot Forward – An Excerpt”