The ‘DNF’

The DNF (Did Not Finish) book is something that all readers come to at least consider, sooner or later. Some have stacks of DNFs. Others just can’t bring themselves to do it, grinding through a read that isn’t really for them, with a steely determination to get it finished. Maybe there are some lucky anomaliesContinue reading “The ‘DNF’”


10 Women Authors to Read this year!

Women are a huge presence in what was considered a male-dominated genre, many estimates putting SFF readership at a 50/50 split between women and men. I won’t bore you with studies or data but there’s plenty on Google should you wish to do a little research. With fiction in general, the percentage of women readersContinue reading “10 Women Authors to Read this year!”

It’s International Women’s Day!

To celebrate we have interviews and discussion with 4 brilliant women. Read ahead to find out more! I reached out on twitter for a couple of contributors for an International Women’s Day post for one or two questions to complement a recommendations post. I was lucky to have no shortage of takers, and I optedContinue reading “It’s International Women’s Day!”

Do you think too much about your reviews?

A short look at keeping reviewing fun! It’s bullet point mania here. Are you guilty of any of the following? Making sure you write enough in your review to prove you’ve read the book. Forcing yourself to finish a book you aren’t enjoying because you’ve already spent time reading it. Above, but so you canContinue reading “Do you think too much about your reviews?”

10 Fantasy and Science Fiction Standalone Novels to read in-between series.

Most people love a good series to get lost in, but sometimes it can just be a bit much. You need a break and to enjoy a story that’s all wrapped up within the space of one book. Here are 10 standalone suggestions for when you next feel daunted by the thought of a newContinue reading “10 Fantasy and Science Fiction Standalone Novels to read in-between series.”

#ArmedWithABingo 2020 Reads

I’m taking part in Ariel and Kriti’s #ArmedWithABingo. I thought I’d share with you as there’s still time to take part yourself. And of course a preliminary look at the books I’ll be reading to fill my bingo squares this year! I could have probably read one of the books in the time it’s takenContinue reading “#ArmedWithABingo 2020 Reads”