21st Century Heathen Boy

A guest post by Bjørn Larssen Alex: just before you read Bjørn’s excellent post, a head’s up – his highly acclaimed novel, ‘Children’ is free on Kindle unlimited or available to buy for the price of a coffee! Get it here. A long time ago, when I was still holding on to the idea thatContinue reading “21st Century Heathen Boy”

Sagas of the Shield Maiden – A Preview

Hello fellow #Norsevember readers. My name is Asa Wheatley and I am the writer behind the recently released comic Sagas of the Shield Maiden. I want to start by thanking Alex for very kindly letting me talk about Sagas of the Shield Maiden as part of the fantastic event that is #Norsevember. So let’s getContinue reading “Sagas of the Shield Maiden – A Preview”

Truth and Other Lies – A Norsevember Guest Post from Lyra Wolf!

I’m pleased to present this fun-filled guest post from Lyra Wolf; get to know the author and her book Truth and Other Lies – a fresh new Norse mythology inspired fantasy. SIGNED PAPERBACKS GIVEAWAY There are paperbacks. Yes, with an s on the end! Signed paperbacks of Truth and Other Lies – simply RT myContinue reading “Truth and Other Lies – A Norsevember Guest Post from Lyra Wolf!”

Sentience by Courtney Hunter – A Guest Post

Hi everyone, today I welcome Sci-Fi author Courtney Hunter to Spells & Spaceships! Courtney has produced a guest post to tell you a little about herself and her new book, Sentience which is released today. Without further ado, I’ll leave you in her hands. Introducing Courtney Hunter… “Today, we make history,” Keida resumed. She pausedContinue reading “Sentience by Courtney Hunter – A Guest Post”

Fields of Orion II Guest Post – Andy Oppenheimer

If you stare upwards at the night sky this week, you may see up to 70 shooting stars an hour from the Orionid Meteor Shower as the Earth intersects the orbit of Halley’s Comet. Today & tomorrow is due to be the peak viewing opportunity of the meteor shower. The perfect time then, for aContinue reading “Fields of Orion II Guest Post – Andy Oppenheimer”