It’s Loki Day!

The majority of people are now familiar with the name Loki, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite sharing some similarities, Marvel’s Loki is not the Loki from Norse mythology, who is arguably much more entertaining than the one who fights the Avengers. Today aims to spread knowledge, inform, enjoy and celebrate the polarising figureContinue reading “It’s Loki Day!”

Looks Like Loki

A Very Queer Theological Reflection By Suzanne Martin There’s been a whole lot of Norse themed popular culture in the last few years: fiction books, graphic novels, artwork, statuary, not to mention a big dollop in the interlocked MCU and the preceding and ongoing comics and graphic novels. Roleplayers, cosplayers, geeks, authors, bloggers and theContinue reading “Looks Like Loki”

The Everspring – Review

The Everspring is an incredibly enjoyable comfort read with magical storytelling and adventurous imagination that is perfect for cosying up with, especially when it’s chilly outside. Author: Joshua Gillingham Pages: 320 Publishing Info: 2nd November 2022, Crowsnest Books You know when you really fancy a particular dish and it’s just as good as you’d hoped?Continue reading “The Everspring – Review”

In Search of the Truth: Viking Berserkers – A Historical Novelist’s Guide

By Angus Donald What is a Berserker? I was a little taken aback, when I began work on The Last Berserker, the first volume in my Fire Born series of Viking novels, to find that a large section of the people I told about my new project to had no idea what a berserker was.Continue reading “In Search of the Truth: Viking Berserkers – A Historical Novelist’s Guide”

Getting Down in the Gutter with the Gods

By Rowdy Geirsson Top image: Odin as an eagle simultaneously regurgitates and excretes mead. Illustration from the 18th century Icelandic manuscript SÁM 66. It should come as no big surprise to most folks participating in or observing Norsevember that the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda together form our top sources of knowledge about the oldContinue reading “Getting Down in the Gutter with the Gods”

My Faves So Far: 2 Years of Reviews

So, somehow I’ve lasted 2 years of blogging. What has surprised me is that I’m still having just as much fun and don’t have any plans to quit in the near future. I also never imagined I’d have amassed 5,000 followers by this point – thankyou! I’ve learnt quite a lot along the way butContinue reading “My Faves So Far: 2 Years of Reviews”

Laughing at the Gods: Humour in Norse Mythology

By Bjørn Larssen The Lay of Thrymr is probably the best known of all the myths. Thor’s hammer goes missing. As it turns out, it just so happened to fall in the hands of a jötunn king, Thrymr, who demands Freya’s hand in marriage in return. Freya is about as likely to agree to thatContinue reading “Laughing at the Gods: Humour in Norse Mythology”