Getting Down in the Gutter with the Gods

By Rowdy Geirsson Top image: Odin as an eagle simultaneously regurgitates and excretes mead. Illustration from the 18th century Icelandic manuscript SÁM 66. It should come as no big surprise to most folks participating in or observing Norsevember that the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda together form our top sources of knowledge about the oldContinue reading “Getting Down in the Gutter with the Gods”


My Faves So Far: 2 Years of Reviews

So, somehow I’ve lasted 2 years of blogging. What has surprised me is that I’m still having just as much fun and don’t have any plans to quit in the near future. I also never imagined I’d have amassed 5,000 followers by this point – thankyou! I’ve learnt quite a lot along the way butContinue reading “My Faves So Far: 2 Years of Reviews”

Laughing at the Gods: Humour in Norse Mythology

By Bjørn Larssen The Lay of Thrymr is probably the best known of all the myths. Thor’s hammer goes missing. As it turns out, it just so happened to fall in the hands of a jötunn king, Thrymr, who demands Freya’s hand in marriage in return. Freya is about as likely to agree to thatContinue reading “Laughing at the Gods: Humour in Norse Mythology”

Norse Weapons and Kit Demonstration Video!

I have the immense pleasure and excitement today to share with you a video made by Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Sci-fi author Christian (also known as Miles) Cameron, all about Norse weaponry and equipment. Christian produces his #writingfighting series regularly which is so interesting and you for sure need to check out. For Norsevember though,Continue reading “Norse Weapons and Kit Demonstration Video!”

Write Like a Viking

by Joseph Thornton If you’ve ever read Tolkien—or even just briefly thumbed through the pages of ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘The Lord of the Rings’ for a minute—you’re familiar with runes. If you’re here because of #Norsevember, or just like Vikings in general, you’re definitely familiar with them.  Runes are a prominent element of ancient NordicContinue reading “Write Like a Viking”

Why we love Norse lore, history and culture

I felt it was worth putting together a post explaining why we do this; what draws us to everything Norse. For some, it’s a curiosity; for others it encompasses their religion and beliefs. As the organiser of the event, I want to speak to you about why this is important to me, followed by theContinue reading “Why we love Norse lore, history and culture”

Are you speaking like a Viking?

How did the Vikings leave a lasting impact on the English language? In the 4th and 5th century, there were mass migrations of the Germanic tribes that would eventually become the Anglo-Saxons in England and the Viking Danes and Norsemen of Scandinavia. Some of the Germanic tribes had already spread into southern Scandinavia by aroundContinue reading “Are you speaking like a Viking?”

Cloak and Dapper

Ordinary Objects in the Sagas By Steven T. Dunn (Fjorn the Skald) Legendary swords, enchanted jewelry, golden arm-rings…these are the (very shiny) objects that we all drool over—and the Norse weren’t any different. When a ‘mysterious’ old man barges into your party and plunges a sword into a tree—that’s pretty epic. When a dwarf forgesContinue reading “Cloak and Dapper”