Creation – Review

Creation is a fun read that doesn’t take itself too seriously (though asks serious questions), with some clever references and Larssen’s trademark wit making this an entertaining start to the ‘Why Odin Drinks’ series. Bjørn Larssen returns with a new short story series called ‘Why Odin Drinks’ – I think from the series title aloneContinue reading “Creation – Review”

A Norsegarde Norsevember

Hi everyone, Happy Halloween! What’s so special about Halloween? Well, it’s the day before Norsevember of course. And this year I’ve got a special exclusive discount to bring you from the great people over at Norsegarde. Norsegarde is a Norse themed jewellery store with some really cool items. If you’re already eager to check outContinue reading “A Norsegarde Norsevember”

An Altar on the Village Green – Review

A triumph for self published fantasy, An Altar on the Village Green is an ambitious and unique read that shows what can be achieved when the shackles are off. Nathan Hall has written an absolutely fantastic book that appealed to me in so many ways. I’d been searching for a fantasy or sci-fi with aContinue reading “An Altar on the Village Green – Review”

What are my highlight stickers?

Hi everyone, if you were wondering how my highlight stickers system works, wonder no longer – this post will guide you through why and how I use these highlight stickers on my reviews. I designed my own highlights system to show what I felt a book’s strongest aspects were. There are a total of 15Continue reading “What are my highlight stickers?”

Love, Death or Mermaid? Cover Reveal

Hi folks, I’m back with a new cover reveal to share with you today – it’s Love, Death or Mermaid? from fantasy author D. H. Willison! So, first thing… what is the book about? Opportunity knocks on the humblest of doors. But it knocks only once.When an overheard conversation leads to a hunt for aContinue reading “Love, Death or Mermaid? Cover Reveal”

The Return of #Norsevember

If you haven’t heard, Norsevember is returning this winter in full. I talked earlier in the year about reducing the full month schedule down to one week (which became two, which then went back up to four). It’s now actually going to be bigger than last year’s event. It turns out we are a longContinue reading “The Return of #Norsevember”

Hidden Gems Issue #6

You’re probably familiar with this feature by now. Could one of these books be your new favourite read? The Blood of the Spear Mark Timmony Two brothers. One prophecy. A world in peril. When Kaiel loses his chance to become part of the legendary Daemon Hunters, joining the Bronze Guard mercenaries seems like the logicalContinue reading “Hidden Gems Issue #6”

The Norsevember Badge Collection

After the success of the SFF badge collection 2021, I am pleased to present something new for this year’s Norsevember; the Norsevember Badge Collection! It’s a way to add a little something extra to the event that encourages people to take part but also benefit from it and learn new things. I hope you likeContinue reading “The Norsevember Badge Collection”