Deep Dive – Review & Interview

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Ron Walters to Spells & Spaceships as part of the Angry Robot book tour for Deep Dive, Ron’s debut published novel. I’ve got a really interesting interview (credit to Mr. Walters for the great answers!) as well as my own review for the novel. You can find the full tourContinue reading “Deep Dive – Review & Interview”

No Song, But Silence – Review

An ambitious and fitting end to the Wind Tide Trilogy, with the poignancy and intelligent writing that has now come to define this series shining here too. Author: Jonathan Nevair Pages: 372 Publishing Info: Shadow Spark Publishing, 14th Nov 2021 Thankyou to Jonathan Nevair and Storytellers on Tour for the opportunity to read this bookContinue reading “No Song, But Silence – Review”

Artifact Space – Review

A fantastic space opera that has it all; great characters, imaginative worldbuilding and an exciting plot full of mystery and adventure. Artifact Space by Miles Cameron was a delight to read, and despite being a hefty enough book, never felt too long, nor too short. The pacing is spot on. On finishing, there is soContinue reading “Artifact Space – Review”

Jati’s Wager – Review

First of all, thanks to Jonathan Nevair, Shadow Spark Publishing and of course Storytellers on Tour for the opportunity to read this really enjoyable book. There are some fantastic bloggers taking part in the tour so please do check them out over the week, and also… After the review there is a chance to winContinue reading “Jati’s Wager – Review”

Light of Impossible Stars – Review

Despite being weaker than the first two books, Light of Impossible Stars is full of beauty and wonder; an enjoyable conclusion to an excellent overall story. Given this is the final book in the Embers of War trilogy, I’ll keep the review relatively brief. It’s kinda difficult to mention the main plot points without givingContinue reading “Light of Impossible Stars – Review”

Goodbye to the Sun – Review

A fresh sci-fi for the modern era that successfully balances serious themes with exciting space opera. First of all, Thankyou to Jonathan Nevair and Storytellers on Tour for the opportunity to review this unique book. It’s one I’d been really intrigued about since the author first contacted me a few months ago. The tour wasContinue reading “Goodbye to the Sun – Review”

The Combat Codes – Review

Author – Alexander DarwinPages – 408 A unique sci-fi that poses some interesting ideas and engaging action sequences. The Combat Codes is a great martial arts themed sci-fi that poses questions and thought provoking ideas. It’s also pretty dissimilar to any other books I’ve read, carving out its own little niche in my reading historyContinue reading “The Combat Codes – Review”

Fleet of Knives – Review

Author – Gareth L. PowellPages – 405 A thrilling and emotive second Embers of War novel that adds even more personality to the series, and cements your attachment to the brilliant characters. As with most books that aren’t the first in a series, I won’t make a huge in-depth review; those of you who haven’tContinue reading “Fleet of Knives – Review”

Fields of Orion II Guest Post – Andy Oppenheimer

If you stare upwards at the night sky this week, you may see up to 70 shooting stars an hour from the Orionid Meteor Shower as the Earth intersects the orbit of Halley’s Comet. Today & tomorrow is due to be the peak viewing opportunity of the meteor shower. The perfect time then, for aContinue reading “Fields of Orion II Guest Post – Andy Oppenheimer”