Windborn – Review

A very competent Norse fantasy debut that makes you care about the protagonist and brings a fresh flavour to the genre. I really enjoyed this Norse inspired world from Alex S Bradshaw that brings a real fresh twist to the largely Vikings-inspired genre. There are a lot of parallels with Norse Mythological beliefs (the beliefContinue reading “Windborn – Review”


Numa the Hunter – Review

An intriguing and beautifully illustrated sci-fi graphic novel you need to read more than once to fully appreciate. Stas Borodin created the interior illustrations for SPFBO runner up Black Stone Heart by Michael R. Fletcher. With Numa the Hunter volume one we have Borodin’s first published graphic novel and the images are predictably gorgeous. WhatContinue reading “Numa the Hunter – Review”

Sistersong – Review

Author – Lucy HollandPages – 416 A very well written, charming historical fiction-fantasy with interesting characters and an obvious passion for the history and folklore, which shines throughout. Dark Ages Britain is a compelling yet challenging time period to set your story – there isn’t quite so much documented history as the commonly visited MedievalContinue reading “Sistersong – Review”

The Witch’s Heart – Review

Author – Genevieve GornichecPages – 368 An emotional, spell-binding story that hits you right in the feels – strong women and expertly woven Norse Mythology pull you into a wonderfully unique tale in which your own heart goes through everything the titular one does. The Witch’s Heart is the first book on my blog toContinue reading “The Witch’s Heart – Review”

Fantasy Monster Week is nearly here!

Hi fantasy readers, I just thought I’d give you a little more info about fantasy monster week, 22nd til the 28th March. It’s an event I thought up a few months ago and have been doing a bit of work towards here and there for the last few weeks, interviewing various authors and chatting aboutContinue reading “Fantasy Monster Week is nearly here!”

10 Reasons you might want to play Total War: Warhammer

I’m a big fan of empire building strategy games, starting first with Age of Empires II when I was around 8 yrs old, followed by many others. I went from RTS (real time strategy) to turn based strategy with Civ Revolution before moving onto Medieval II Total War and Empire Total War. This changed everything.Continue reading “10 Reasons you might want to play Total War: Warhammer”

The Midnight Library – Review

Author – Matt HaigPages – 288 A thought provoking, life affirming read that some readers won’t realise they desperately needed until they complete it – beautifully put together. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig is a book I may find myself coming back to again and again. It’s one I encourage anyone to read, especiallyContinue reading “The Midnight Library – Review”

Shadow of a Dead God – Review

Author – Patrick SamphirePages – 362 A really fun fantasy murder mystery that grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let go. Immediate Thoughts I was seriously impressed by Patrick Samphire’s Shadow of a Dead God, which helped get me through a very dreary week or two. It was incredibly fun, full of heartContinue reading “Shadow of a Dead God – Review”

Truth and Other Lies – Review

A brilliant Norse mythology read that stands on its own merits to produce a witty, unique and enjoyable love story that keeps you turning page after page. Truth and Other Lies first came to my attention during Norsevember at the end of last year, in which Lyra Wolf got really involved! I’d added her bookContinue reading “Truth and Other Lies – Review”

Ioth City of Lights – Review

Author – D. P. WoolliscroftPages – 596 There are minor spoilers for Kingshold in this review, though I’m confident most of them have been ironed out. If you want to read my review for Kingshold first, you can do so here! A deeper dive into D P Woolliscroft’s wonderful high fantasy world, building on everythingContinue reading “Ioth City of Lights – Review”