The Wrack – Review

Author: John Bierce Pages: 240 Format: Ebook Synopsis Plague has come to the continent of Teringia. As the Wrack makes its slow, relentless march southwards, it will humble kings and healers, seers and merchants, priests and warriors. Behind, it leaves only screams and suffering, and before it, spreads only fear. Lothain, the birthplace of theContinue reading “The Wrack – Review”

Between Starfalls – Review

Author: SKaeth Pages: 442 Format: Ebook Synopsis Never leave the path. It’s sacred law, punishable by exile. When her son goes missing in the perilous mountains, Kaemada defies the law to search for him. She enlists the help of her hero brother, a priestess berserker, and a fire-wielding friend. But the law exists for aContinue reading “Between Starfalls – Review”

Spit and Song – Review

Author: Travis M Riddle Pages: 510 Format: Ebook Synopsis Kali is a merchant who yearns to leave the harsh deserts of Herrilock and travel across the sea, trading goods and soaking in the sights and cultures. With a new potion on the market undercutting her profits, though, her seabound dreams are put on hold indefinitely.Continue reading “Spit and Song – Review”

The Court of Broken Knives – Review

Author: Anna Smith Spark Pages: 469 Format: Paperback A big thankyou to Anna Smith Spark for this review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. Synopsis They’ve finally looked at the graveyard of our Empire with open eyes. They’re fools and madmen and like the art of war. And their children go hungryContinue reading “The Court of Broken Knives – Review”

Tales of Kingshold – Review

Author: D P Woolliscroft Pages: 324 Series: The Wildfire Cycle – Book 1.5 Synopsis I am Mareth and I collect tales – tales that do not make the official histories. Join me and learn the secret stories of those who sparked the wildfire. Stories from our past, from that fateful summer and its aftermath. TalesContinue reading “Tales of Kingshold – Review”

The Gatewatch – Review

Author: Joshua Gillingham Pages: 320 Synopsis Torin Ten-Trees and his closest companions, Bryn and Grimsa, set out to join The Gatewatch and become trollhunters. When a troupe of meddling dwarves throws them off course they are captured by trolls and taken as prisoners to a secret gathering deep underground. There they learn that an ancientContinue reading “The Gatewatch – Review”

The Last Wish – Review

Author: Andrzej Sapkowski Series: The Witcher Pages: 288 Synopsis Introducing Geralt the Witcher – revered and hated – who holds the line against the monsters plaguing humanity in this first book in the Witcher series that inspired a bestselling game and is soon to be a major Netflix series. Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher,Continue reading “The Last Wish – Review”

A Shattering of Glass (Riven Realm Three) – Review

Author: Deck Matthews Pages: 148 Synopsis THE PAST IS A FRAGILE THING For Shade, returning to Taralius is like a homecoming she never wanted. She soon finds that old relationships are changed and past contacts have turned sour. Worse yet, a bitter enemy stalks the streets—a venomous assassin who’s sworn to deliver Shade to herContinue reading “A Shattering of Glass (Riven Realm Three) – Review”

Dust of the Darkness – Review

This is a review for book two of Deck Matthews’ Riven Realm series. If you want to check out my review of book one, The First of Shadows you can find it here! “You fight steel with steel. But you fight the shadow with light—or by learning to see in the darkness.” In Dust ofContinue reading “Dust of the Darkness – Review”