The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 5

Welcome to the fifth part of the bloggers spotlight series, in which I showcase some of the awesome SFF bloggers and reviewers that will brighten your timeline in some way or another. Today sees another 5 added; I hope you find someone new to follow. Enjoy! Ollie – Infinite Speculation I like Ollie’s stylish, uniformContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 5”


The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 4

Welcome to the 4th issue of The Bloggers Spotlight; if you’re not familiar it’s simply an opportunity to be introduced to some great book bloggers and a chance for me to give back some positivity. Thanks for reading, enjoy! Justine & Timy at Storytellers on Tour Justine & Timy work so hard running Storytellers onContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 4”

The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 3

Welcome to the third edition of The Bloggers Spotlight. Featuring more of the greatest book bloggers to be gracing the SFF genre. Please do feel free to give them all a follow! Jodie at Witty & Sarcastic Book Club You can be sure if you worked hard on a post, Jodie will be there toContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 3”

The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 2

This is the second edition of The Bloggers Spotlight, something I’m doing to highlight other bloggers in the SFF community that I enjoy following and I am recommending to others. If nothing else it’s just a small bit of appreciation. Yvonne at The Coy Caterpillar reads Yvonne is one of a number of cool bloggersContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 2”

The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 1

I’ve put together a spotlight on other bloggers as there are a lot of people in this community I admire for one reason or another. We’re all in this together and for pretty much the same reasons and I’d like to take a few posts to highlight some other SFF bloggers you will want toContinue reading “The Bloggers Spotlight: Part 1”