Deep Dive – Review & Interview

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Ron Walters to Spells & Spaceships as part of the Angry Robot book tour for Deep Dive, Ron’s debut published novel. I’ve got a really interesting interview (credit to Mr. Walters for the great answers!) as well as my own review for the novel. You can find the full tourContinue reading “Deep Dive – Review & Interview”

Murder: The Biography – Review

A fascinating and accessible insight into the history of murder and manslaughter in the English legal system. Author – Kate Morgan Pages – 346 Publishing Information – Muldark, 29th April, 2021 Review Murder: The Biography may surprise people who haven’t read the blurb, as the book actually looks at the way the British legal systemContinue reading “Murder: The Biography – Review”

Yearly Roundup & Favourite Books: 2021

2021 was a weird year for reading. The ongoing, seemingly indefinite pandemic drained alot of my mental energy, as I’m sure it did for many of you. I also got a promotion at work, which although more rewarding, has been more tiring and stressful at times. As a result, I spent more time gaming, whereContinue reading “Yearly Roundup & Favourite Books: 2021”

My 10 History Reads for 2022

While I mostly review fantasy and sci-fi books, I do actually read a lot of non fiction – history and popular science, mostly. Although I don’t review on my blog, I do on Goodreads and Amazon – for me, they’re a little trickier to review than fiction. Here are 10 history books I’m planning toContinue reading “My 10 History Reads for 2022”

Tales of Ioth – Review

Another incredible journey into the imagination of D. P. Woolliscroft; Tales of Ioth continues the exciting trajectory of this great series Author – D. P. Woolliscroft Pages – 243 Publishing Information – Self Published, 28th April 2020 If you’re here for the review of the 4th book in the Wildfire Cycle, you’re probably just makingContinue reading “Tales of Ioth – Review”

Death Rider – Review

A thoroughly entertaining, action packed and epic story packed into a novella sized bundle, radiating grimdark bleakness and imaginative ideas. Author: Zamil Akhtar Pages: 102 Publishing Information: Self Published, 14th October 2021 My head hurts… in a good way! There was so much to get my head around within the space of 100 pages withContinue reading “Death Rider – Review”

No Song, But Silence – Review

An ambitious and fitting end to the Wind Tide Trilogy, with the poignancy and intelligent writing that has now come to define this series shining here too. Author: Jonathan Nevair Pages: 372 Publishing Info: Shadow Spark Publishing, 14th Nov 2021 Thankyou to Jonathan Nevair and Storytellers on Tour for the opportunity to read this bookContinue reading “No Song, But Silence – Review”