Stellar Instinct – Review

Author – Jonathan Nevair Pages – 332 Genre – Spy-fi Space Thriller Publishing Information – 22 November 2022, Self Published GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY AT THE END OF THE POST The One Sentence Review Stellar Instinct is a blast of fun and adventure that serves as a perfect way to let off the steam of heavier-going booksContinue reading “Stellar Instinct – Review”

City of Last Chances – Review

Author – Adrian Tchaikovsky Pages – 496 Genre – Fantasy Publishing Information – 8th December 2022, Head of Zeus/AdAstra The One Sentence Review A complex and richly layered story that may not suit everyone but definitely rewards the readers’ patience. The Blurb There has always been a darkness to Ilmar, but never more so thanContinue reading “City of Last Chances – Review”

Slaughtered Gods – Review

Author – Thilde Kold Holdt Pages – 656 Publishing Information – October 22nd 2022, Solaris. Genre – Historical Fantasy & Mythology The One Sentence Review Slaughtered Gods is a stunning finale to the Hanged God trilogy; love, loss, teeth, beasts, axe-blades, fire, Gods and darkness collide in a dramatic and worthy depiction of Ragnarök. TheContinue reading “Slaughtered Gods – Review”

A Q&A with Kaitlin Felix, author of ‘Rán’s Daughters’!

Hi everyone, it is my pleasure today to introduce a Q&A with Kaitlin Felix, who has an awesome looking new Norse novel to reveal to you very soon! Check out the Q&A below between Kaitlin and Josh Gillingham (author of The Gatewatch and joint editor of Althingi: The Crescent and the Northern Star). Kaitlin’s shortContinue reading “A Q&A with Kaitlin Felix, author of ‘Rán’s Daughters’!”

The Hollows – Review

Author – Daniel Church Pages – 406 Publishing Information – November 2022, Angry Robot The One Sentence Review The atmosphere of the bleak, rural English winter is captured expertly here in a book with some surprising twists and turns. The Blurb In a lonely village in the Peak District, during the onset of a once-in-a-lifetimeContinue reading “The Hollows – Review”

Pairing Paws – Review

Author – Michele Gargiulo Pages – 132 Publishing Information – Sommelier Stories Press, October 2022. Hi all! A few weeks ago, sommelier* Michele Gargiulo approached me to review her book, Pairing Paws: Dog Breeds and their Spirit Wines. This was a really novel opportunity to review a book a little different than the usual fictionContinue reading “Pairing Paws – Review”

An Interview with Trudie Skies

I’m pleased to present my interview with Trudie Skies, whose debut The Thirteenth Hour is a finalist in the 2022 SPFBO! Hi Trudie and a very warm welcome to Spells & Spaceships blog! So, your current work The Thirteenth Hour is a Gaslamp Fantasy. How would you entice new readers over to Gaslamp who aren’tContinue reading “An Interview with Trudie Skies”

An Interview with Rexx Deane

About the Author Rexx Deane is a science fiction author originally from the Forest of Dean. He presently lives near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, UK with his partner, Kris, a disability fitness instructor and wheelchair user. Hello Rexx and welcome to Spells & Spaceships Blog. Your debut novel, Synthesis: Weave features both magic and spaceships. This seemsContinue reading “An Interview with Rexx Deane”